Clear Compartment Boxes That Make Organization Easy

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Each box can have up to 36 compartments. The boxes are made of durable, clear plastic with snap closures to keep the lid firmly connected to the box.

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This compartment box uses anti-corrosion technology to keep the metal hinges from rusting if they’re exposed to water. It includes 12 dividers to create up to 24 slots.

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This organizer is reasonably priced, so it’s a good option for crafters who need to stock up on clear compartment boxes. The boxes are stackable, which makes it easier to store them away.

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This clear compartment box can be used to store beads, washi tape or any manner of small craft supplies. Also, this can also pull double duty as a jewelry box organizer.

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With this clear compartment box, you’ll be able to store everything from craft supplies to fishing lures to jewelry. And the sturdy snap-closed lid provides peace of mind.

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Each of the clear compartment boxes has 18 spaces to store whatever you want to put in it. The dividers are adjustable, so you can create the right configuration for your needs.

Expert Commentary

Storage boxes are a must-have item for every household. These options are durable, simple and timeliness in design, and guaranteed to help you stay organized. You can store beads, jewelry, makeup, crafting supplies or any other small items that are easy to lose. I love to reuse these, so after I’m done using it for one purpose, I can easily repurpose an organizer for another project.