Ceramic and Glass Markers for Crafters

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These metallic markers are great for writing on dark surfaces thanks to their bright shine; even the white shows up well on most materials. Using these metallic markers in conjunction with normal colors can add a cool pop to any project.

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This pack includes 18 markers in a rainbow of colors. The ink is water-based and will show up well on both light and dark surfaces. These are perfect for art projects using fabrics, ceramics, glass and other mediums.

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We like that this marker set includes bold hues, pastels and even extra black and white markers. You’ll appreciate the consistent flow and the sturdy tip, which helps you draw on ceramic, glass, wood and even rock.

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This fabric-compatible acrylic marker set is a smaller option but boasts 12 essential colors. We like that you get two metallic hues and an extra-fine tip for enhanced precision.

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These markers are acid-free and promise to dry quickly. The fine tip creates lines that measure just 1 millimeter in width. You’ll also like all the pastel hues in this set.

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These crafting markers are best for younger artists and are ideal for scrapbooking, drawing or creating holiday decorations on a variety of surfaces.

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This 32-piece set of markers are acid-free, quick-drying and erasable. You’ll also like the consistent paint flow.

Expert Commentary

These paint markers are dreamy and brilliant in color. They are multi-surface so you and your students can paint on glass, cardboard, ceramics and other delicate surfaces. They glide on surfaces and turn out beautifully against the surfaces. Look no further as these are the best options out there!