Brainteasers for 10-Year-Olds That Encourage Critical Thinking

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Kids and adults alike will love challenging themselves to see how many ways they can solve this wooden tangram within its hexagonal frame. With so many possibilities at hand, kids can improve their spatial visualization and problem-solving skills while getting creative.

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With five difficulty levels and 100 challenges, this is a great brainteaser to help 10-year-olds improve their dexterity and logical reasoning skills. They can start with the easier 4-inch by 4-inch puzzles and work their way up to more challenging folds.

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This brainteaser for 10-year-olds is guaranteed to provide hours of amusement while also helping to cultivate problem-solving skills and improved dexterity.

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This book of brainteasers for 10-year-olds features 300 different puzzles and riddles that are guaranteed to delight as they help children practice critical-thinking skills.

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We like that this brainteaser for 10-year-olds comes with a free app to expand the fun beyond the physical pieces in the game.

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Parents and teachers will appreciate that this book of brainteasers for 10-year-olds is designed with clear, easy-to-follow instructions that help children work independently.

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Parents will like that this book of brainteasers for 10-year-olds includes vocabulary-focused riddles.

Expert Commentary

Playing brain games is a wonderful way to exercise your child’s brain! Nowadays, it’s especially important to provide tangible activities so that children are not staring at a screen (computer, tablet, TV, etc) for endless hours, which is not great for their eyes or development. Get your hands on these brainteasers to spice up your child’s treasure-trove of activities.