Best Writing Supplies Markers

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These felt tip markers have a 0.7-millimeter tip. We like that the richly colored ink is water-based, so it is long-lasting and won’t bleed through paper.

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These 0.4-millimeter tips provide just enough width to see the color but are small enough to make them perfect for writing. We like that these pens have a triangular barrel to make writing more comfortable. With 36 pens in a wide array of hues, it’s a great pick for restocking a classroom.

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This marker set comes with 18 bold colors that are all 0.38-millimeter fine-point tips. The pens also come in a plastic storage case to keep them organized.

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These markers are non-toxic, water-based, resist smudging and are safe for use by children. You’ll like the precision you can achieve with these pens.

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Illustrators will like that these markers give them the ability to practice fine-lining, sketching and a range of other applications, too.

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We like that this affordable set of markers features a 0.4-millimeter fine-point tip. Plus, they come in unique packaging that can be used to store them.

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You’ll like the durable metal-clad tip on these markers. The water-based colors wash out of fabric easily and have minimal bleed-through on paper.

Expert Commentary

These high-quality pens are perfect for those looking for vibrant pens that glide smoothly. Great for not only calligraphers and artists, but also everyday students and users who take notes or write on calendars, scrapbooks, greeting cards and more. They glide like butter and look beautiful on paper. Once you use these beautiful pens, it’ll be hard to go back to regular pens again!