Best Writing Pads For School

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These Mead writing pads are great basics and very versatile. They are top-bound and have 50 sheets with wide-ruled lining for plenty of writing space. The perforated edge allows you to tear out pages easily without ripping. The classic canary yellow color is great for both school and work.

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These pads from Ampad have crisp ivory paper with 80 sheets per pad. The front of each page is wide-ruled, perfect for note-taking; the back has edge-to-edge graph-rule that is perfect for drawing. The durable pressboard front cover is protective yet professional and the spiral binding on top keeps the spiral out of the writer’s way. The pages are also micro-perforated for easy removal.

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The Tops writing pads each feature 50 pages per pad, and the pages are legal-ruled with 11/32-inch spacing. These pads were created with a smooth writing experience in mind — and to reduce the risk of ink from standard ballpoint and rollerball pens bleeding through the pages. Some writers find the light-yellow hue of canary pages to be easier on the eyes.

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These pads have white, perforated pages that can be neatly removed as needed and medium-weight paper for everyday use. These small notebooks have a sturdy back cover to provide a solid base for writing. The ruled pages have no margins and a narrow spacing of about a quarter-inch, which helps promote neater handwriting and offers more writing space per page.

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The Amazon Basics writing pads have 1/4-inch spacing between lines, making them a good option for promoting neater and more legible writing. The yellow pages are perforated along the top, making it easy to remove sheets as needed, and a margin on the left for making extra notes.

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These legal pads from Mintra are made with thick, smooth paper designed to hold up to pens and marker ink. These pads have a sturdy backing for writing without a desk or table The micro-perforation at the top of the pages tears away nice and clean when pages need to be removed from the pads. Mintra offers six-packs of these notebooks in white, canary and a range of pastel colors.

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These pads come on a heavy-duty cardboard backing. This makes them a great writing or sketching pad to pack in a backpack or purse, and they’re also handy for jotting down a quick note at your desk.

Expert Commentary

Handy writing pads are essential to adults and kids alike. There is always a use for these pads, whether you need to write down an assignment or take notes in a meeting or class. I like the options that allow you to easily tear the sheet of paper, as well as the smaller-sized options to throw inside a purse. These are great for simple to-do lists and checklists as well.