Best World Wall Maps

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This tapestry can withstand plenty of classroom use due to its machine-washable fabric. The countries are clearly labeled and even tiny islands are visible in the ocean. The large size of this tapestry is helpful in easily showing where countries are, making this a great choice for larger classrooms. The black-and-white color scheme is unique but also makes the map simple and easy to read.

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Aside from being portable and easily stored, this map has vibrant colors, clear labeling and 3D shading to show terrain on land and in oceans. Capitals and cities are labeled, and major roadways and rivers are also shown to emphasize how countries and cities are all interconnected. Its 24×36-inch size is easy to read and can be folded down to the size of a piece of printer paper. This map has all the details needed to study a variety of geographical concepts.

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This is a laminated map, making it very durable. Unlike other types of lamination, the heavy film stays flat without curling. It’s also crack- and peel-resistant. The laminate is thin enough to allow holes to be poked through when mounting with tacks. Bright colors are used with cartographic detail to make specific countries stand out, and the 3D ocean and land topographic shading is a highlight. As one of the largest world maps on the market, it is ideal for both classroom and home use. The white border makes it look professional and enhances the design once on display.

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A great value with two different parchment paper maps included. One map depicts the United States of America and the second features the world. The maps can be used in a business, home or classroom. Each country on the world map and each city on the U.S. map is clearly labeled along with latitude and longitude coordinates. With the U.S. map, students can enjoy viewing the mountain ranges and elevation changes that are visible due to the color-matching topography. State capitals and national parks are included as well as time-zone indications.

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This world wall map stands out for its classic, vintage style and rustic features. Antique-style graphics add an upscale touch along with the map’s color-matching topographical detail, making it easy to locate various mountain ranges. The map comes rolled in a sturdy tube and can be stored or transported in the packaging. Its exact dimensions are 50 inches by 32 inches and it unrolls easily without any creases or wrinkles. Additional highlights are the map’s clarity of detail and thick paper, making it less prone to wrinkling or tearing.

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This world map is customizable, allowing travelers to scratch off specific countries they’ve visited and dream about the next place they’ll visit. Underneath are bright, bold color shades that pop against the matte black background. A scratch tool and stickers are included, along with a drawstring pouch. It makes for an excellent gift for world travelers (or aspiring world travelers) and can be used as a work of art in the home or office.

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This classically designed wall map set can be used in classrooms, offices and homes. The maps’ large, stunning graphics with bright colors make specific states and countries easy to recognize. The world wall map and the U.S. map are both updated and printed on 100-pound, durable paper. One of the best features of the U.S. and world map set is the 3D visual terrain, which makes it easy to identify mountain ranges. Each map comes tightly rolled in the packaging, which prevents it from creasing. When wipe-off markers are used to draw or write on the product, the ink wipes off easily, which makes these maps convenient to use in educational settings or when planning a trip.

Expert Commentary

“Allowing children to learn geography in an interactive manner is crucial if you want to plant the seeds of global awareness when they are very young. Laminated maps work very well if you are concerned about dirty hands or spilled substances, and both of these happen — especially with younger children. If you can connect the maps with other stories you are reading, it can help both the story and the map come to life.”