Best Wood-Framed Chalkboard

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This chalkboard measures 24 by 36 inches, providing plenty of writing space. The set also includes four magnets and a cleaning cloth so you can pin up notes and easily wipe away writing. The chalkboard’s frame has a rustic worn-wood look.

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With a non-porous, magnetic, solid-black writing surface, chalk and chalk markers write easily and don’t leave any stains or ghosting. The chalkboard’s stained pine frame has a rustic appeal.

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This wood-framed chalkboard can be used with regular chalk or liquid chalk markers. It can be hung and comes with the necessary hardware to hang it vertically or horizontally.

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The Loddie Doddie wood-framed chalkboard has a rustic design, creating an elevated look. It can be hung vertically or horizontally and comes with mounting hardware.

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This wood-framed chalkboard can be mounted vertically or horizontally and won’t stain or show ghosting. Choose from three wood frames: oak, rustic or birch. Mounting hardware is included.

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You’ll like that this wood-framed chalkboard can be hung vertically or horizontally. The frame is made from solid Russian pine wood and is easy to mount.

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This wood-framed chalkboard measures 24 by 18 inches and comes with mounting hardware. It’s also magnetic and can be used with regular chalk as well as liquid chalk markers.

Expert Commentary

These beautiful wood-framed chalkboards are wonderful additions to your home office, kitchen, classroom or anywhere else you might need one. The wood frames add an elegant look to these chalkboards. On top of the benefits of a chalkboard, several of these options are also magnetic so you can use a magnet to attach any item, picture or note. The sizes vary, so choose the size and design that best suits you.