Best Wireless Keyboard And Mouse Combo

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With an ergonomic design, the keyboard and mouse keep your hands comfortable while typing and working. The keyboard has a protective skin that guards it against spills and dust. Both the mouse and keyboard have near-silent clicks that keep noise levels low. Easily connect this set to your laptop or desktop and power it with AA and AAA batteries.

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This keyboard and mouse combo comes in a few color options so you can match it to your computer. The keyboard and mouse are compatible with PCs, laptops, Chromebooks and even smart TVs. On the keyboard, crater-switch keys offer a responsive yet nearly silent typing experience while being scratch- and dust-proof. The mouse also has silent buttons and an ergonomic design that keeps your hand comfortable. Both the keyboard and mouse are easily connected to your computer and are powered by AA and AAA batteries.

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The Logitech combo includes an integrated palm rest, which helps reduce wrist fatigue. The keyboard’s legs have three options for height adjustment so it can be positioned to the height that is most comfortable for your needs. The mouse is full-size for more comfort as well. Both the keyboard and mouse have an extended battery life, with the keyboard having a battery life of up to three years and the mouse having a battery life of up to two years.

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The ergonomic design of the VicTsing keyboard and mouse combo includes foldable stands that tilt the back of the keyboard upward at an 8-degree angle, promoting a better typing position and helping to reduce wrist fatigue. The chiclet keycaps are quiet without being completely silent, while the mouse offers whisper-quiet clicking. Both keyboard and mouse can be used as soon as they are plugged in and — as a combo — need only one USB port between them.

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This combo has an anti-slip design, with rubber pads on the bottom of the keyboard. The pads offer plenty of grip, preventing movement during use. The mouse has a contoured shape that fits comfortably in your hand and reduces fatigue. Both the keyboard and mouse will go into sleep mode to save energy after a period of inactivity. The keyboard goes into sleep mode after 10 minutes and the mouse goes into sleep mode after eight minutes.

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This option comes in multiple color options, from basic black to rose quartz and turquoise, making it a stylish choice. Both the keyboard and mouse have a sweat-resistant and skin-friendly finish that helps them resist wear and tear. The cursor sensitivity of the mouse can be changed as needed for different activities, such as gaming. An auto-sleep mode and on/off switches are included for energy conservation.

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This keyboard and mouse combo comes with a keyboard that offers quiet operation with up to 70% reduction in click-noise over other keyboards. It is a plug-and-play option with no software needed for installation. As a combo, only one USB port is needed for both the keyboard and mouse. The keyboard includes a numeric keypad, fast-access hotkeys and function keys, making it versatile for everyday use.

Expert Commentary

As a working mom, having a wireless mouse and keyboard is key so that I can get work done anywhere. I prefer the wireless mouse to the mouse tracker, which sometimes jumps around or clicks on things accidentally. Having a wireless keyboard and mouse also allows me to do my work while keeping an eye on my kids when they are outside playing. And it’s a great option for older kids who have schoolwork online.