Best Wide-Ruled Loose-Leaf Paper

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This pack has 200 pages of 15-pound white paper. The papers measure 8.5 by 11 inches and are punched with three holes so they can fit in any standard binder. This smooth, lined paper is lightweight and ideal for taking notes. If you like having a supply of loose-leaf paper on hand, this is a good basic choice.

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Color coding can be a great way to organize subjects and assignments for the classroom. These packs include pastel yellow, green, pink and blue wide-ruled paper. There are 100 sheets per color that measure 8 by 10.5 inches, each punched with three holes. The sheets have bold ruling and a smooth texture to facilitate easy writing.

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Five Star Wide-Ruled Loose Leaf Paper features holes that are triangular in shape. This not only keeps them from tearing but also helps them to flip more easily over a binder’s rings. This option is about twice the strength of typical loose-leaf paper. A single pack offers 100 sheets.

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AmazonBasics Wide Ruled Loose Leaf Filler Paper has comfortably spaced and even lines that promote neat and legible writing. The paper is of a decent thickness and does not tear easily. Among the notable features of this looseleaf paper is that it comes in a resealable bag so sheets of unused paper can be kept safely preserved until needed.

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1InTheOffice Wide Ruled Filler Paper has a nice weight and is thick enough that regular ink will not bleed through it. The variety of color options makes it a good choice for color-coding notes for different class subjects, making them easier to keep organized. The smooth paper is easy to write on; pencil marks erase from the paper easily as well.

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Mead Wide-Ruled Filler Paper is great for anyone who needs an everyday paper option. It is three-hole punched so it can easily fit into a binder as needed. The wide-ruled pages offer plenty of room for students to write neatly and legibly while taking notes or completing assignments.

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Top Flight Wide-Ruled Filler Paper has a pleasing thickness at its 15-pound weight; it is not overly thick but not so thin that it is easily torn. The ruled lines on the page are nice and dark, which makes mark placement easier. These sheets of paper are slightly larger than what students may typically have access to, which makes them a great choice for note-taking, doing homework or practicing skills such as spelling or math at home.

Expert Commentary

Wide-ruled loose-leaf paper is good for younger children who are still in the process of learning to write. It is a great tool to take them from the primary writing paper to lined paper.