Best Whiteboard And Corkboard Combination

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This combination board is made with high-quality materials. The cork is resilient, and the whiteboard surface is smooth and doesn’t ghost. The frame of the board is aluminum for extra stability, and there is also a plastic marker tray. Installation materials are included and the board can be hung vertically or horizontally.

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This board has durable corners and aluminum backing, a detachable pen tray, moveable hanging hooks and everything you need for a secure installation, such as wall anchors and screws. The board is split evenly between whiteboard and cork board and can be hung vertically or horizontally. It includes three dry erase markers, six magnets and 12 push pins as well.

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The Besso Boards Whiteboard and Cork Board Combination Set can stand up to plenty of use with its magnetic whiteboard featuring an anti-scratch coating and a full-length aluminum tray for organizing markers, erasers and other items. Its rail construction makes it easy to mount and keeps it sturdily affixed once in place.

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The corkboard on this Xboard Magnetic Whiteboard/Cork Board Combo is made with self-healing cork, which reduces the appearance of holes, even with repeated use. The white board’s anti-scratch surface ensures smooth writing and keeps it looking clean over time. The frame of this whiteboard/corkboard combo is made of sturdy aluminum, but its corners are rounded and covered with plastic to prevent potential safety hazards.

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The whiteboard segment of this Quartet whiteboard and corkboard is very smooth, making it easy to write on and cleanly wipe away markings. The provided mounting hardware offers good adhesion to the wall, and the set also includes a dry erase marker. This is a simple and basic option for a good value.

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The Navy Penguin Whiteboard and Cork Board Set is a lightweight option and comes with a movable marker tray that can be repositioned wherever needed. Despite its portability, the set has a heavy-duty aluminum frame that ensures it can stand up to plenty of use. This set also includes two black magnetic markers that stick to the whiteboard, a dry wipe eraser, two magnets and 10 colored push pins.

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The JILoffice Whiteboard and Cork Board Combo Set comes with mounting hardware, including four screws with anchors, and the installation process is simple and straightforward. The whiteboard has a nice finish and erases cleanly, and the corkboard is firm but not too stiff, making it easy to pin up notes, papers and other documents.

Expert Commentary

These half-corkboard, half-whiteboard sets are life-savers for busy families and classrooms looking for efficiency and organization. I use push pins to keep track of important receipts and documents on the cork side, and I write out daily priorities and reminders for the household on the whiteboard side. This makes it easy for everyone in the family to keep track of what’s important on a daily basis.



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