Best Water-Pen Books

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These double-sided cards help kids learn the alphabet as they recognize letters and play with the water pen, revealing colorful images. The pen is refillable and all the cards are reusable once dry (after about five minutes). The keyring makes this set perfect for traveling or for keeping all the cards together. The cards are easy to flip through and can be removed from the keyring to look at individually. Designed for children 3 years and older.

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Hidden colors and images appear when children apply water pens to the pages. The books include different animals, cars and dinosaurs in a variety of settings. The pen is easy to use and releases a minimal amount of water to prevent dripping or spills; it’s also refillable so kids can use and reuse it. The books are a larger size and durably constructed to ensure younger children can easily handle them. The pen will also help children increase their hand strength and improve fine motor concentration. Recommended for children ages 3 and up.

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These activity pads help children practice reading, writing and counting skills. The pages feature simple line drawings when dry, and colorful images after contact with water. The spiral-bound format of each activity pad makes it convenient to take on the go. The water pen is designed with grooves so it is easy for young children to grip. Each page is thick, sturdy and holds up well, making this an ideal choice for 3- to 5-year-olds.

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These reusable pads feature simple line drawings and each includes a wide water pen that is easy to refill. Once the moisture evaporates, the pages return to white and appear new again. The spiral-bound format makes the pages easy to flip through, and there are even two sweet-scented pages for kids to enjoy. One smells like donuts; the other smells like cupcakes. Designed for children 3 and up, this book comes to life when the black-and-white pages become wet and reveal colorful images.

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This water-reveal activity pad encourages children to trace hidden alphabet letters, animals and numbers. It helps kids develop a basic understanding of reading, writing and visual differentiation. The included chunky water pen is easy to hold and refill, and the spiral-bound boards are durable with pages that stay in place.

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This painting book stands out for its cartoon images of animals in different types of settings, helping children expand their knowledge of wildlife. Vibrant colors immediately appear on each page when water is applied. This allows kids to express themselves with an artistic activity and helps them improve focus and motor coordination. Kids can also become more confident with their writing skills as they learn to make each stroke. Although many animals are visible before painting, additional animals appear when water is applied.

Expert Commentary

“Water books are fun activities for the road, plane and home — especially when you have a child who loves to draw on tables and walls. Water books can be reused, so unlike paper coloring books or sheets, they are not single-use items. My children have enjoyed these durable books since they were able to hold a pen.”



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