Best Water Based Markers

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There are 100 pens and no duplicate colors, giving young artists a wide range of shades in every color. With a durable brush tip and fine tip on each pen, both broad strokes for general coloring and fine lines for detail are possible in each color.

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With 34 different colors, this set gives artists an array of artistic possibilities. Each marker is double-sided with a firm fine tip and a brush tip, allowing for thin detailing and broad brush strokes.

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The Italian ink gives you vibrant colors that dry quickly to prevent smudging. And this is the only option in our guide to include metallic colors — gold and silver.

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You’ll like that this set comes with replacement tips, three brush tips and two fineliner tips. These are fast-drying to prevent smudging and are perfect for calligraphy.

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These washable markers are safe for children as young as three years old. This makes them ideal as a first entry into markers as little ones begin to express their creativity.

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With 24 colors, your children are able to create detailed drawings without worrying about color bleed. These markers are also perfect for lettering artwork.

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You’ll like that this set includes primary colors plus black and white, making it perfect for use on color posters, too. Plus, these are a budget-friendly option for parents that just need the basics.

Expert Commentary

These water-based markers feel like a dream! They are so smooth and vibrant — once you use these, it’ll be hard to go back to the regular kind. They are useful not only for art purposes, but also for a variety of other settings like writing a fancy card, letter or even making a sign outside your door. These markers are high-quality with beautiful colors — make sure to get a set for your entire family.