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Best Washable Markers for Kids

Drawing and coloring are essential parts of the childhood experience. But every parent or teacher has seen the other part of that experience — surfaces covered in marker that you can’t remove. Rather than banishing coloring and art supplies from the home or classroom, just get washable markers. Check out our top picks for the best washable markers for kids.

Children will love that these broad-tipped washable markers offer vivid colors that don’t bleed and dry quickly. Parents will like how easily they can be cleaned off hands and surfaces.

This set supplies 36 washable markers in a variety of bold and pastel hues. Plus they come in a cute container that makes storage a breeze when coloring time is over.

With so many colors to choose from, young artists will be sure to find the hue they desire.

These washable markers allow for precision control with a conical tip that gives kids the ability to make fine or broad strokes depending on how they hold the marker.

This set of 8 washable markers is on our list because it also comes with 200 downloadable coloring PDF sheets — creating endless ways to keep little hands and minds occupied.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can washable markers help kids in the classroom?

Creative outlets are important for kids and their boundless imaginations. Putting kids in front of a blank canvas with the tools to let their ideas run free gives them the freedom to create their own unique pieces of art. Washable markers can be a great tool to unlock that creativity in the classroom. They give kids a variety of vibrant colors to work with, lifting any limits on their creativity and letting them bring their wildest ideas into reality. By opening the door for kids to create and explore, markers can help kids get excited to learn and experiment with new ideas and fun concepts.

What use can teachers get out of washable markers?

When setting up a classroom, teachers have to keep their students in mind. The classroom should be student-centered so it can fully serve the needs of the kids and their learning experience. Getting the right materials to support kids on their educational journey is key to making sure students get the most out of the classroom. Teachers can use washable markers to help students learn colors in an interactive lesson. Teaching with washable markers can help teachers explain their lesson in a way that sticks, all while keeping students engaged and excited to practice. Plus, teachers get the added bonus of easy clean-up when they use washable markers, letting in all the fun of drawing without the mess.

Buying Guide

When you need washable markers, you have a lot of factors to consider before you make your decision. For teachers, finding an option that gives students the freedom to experiment with new colors is a good goal to have. On top of that, finding a set of markers that makes clean-up easy can cut down on the amount of time it takes to wipe down desks and tables, allowing kids to spend less time cleaning and more time creating.

Markers that are easier to wash make things easier on teachers and parents alike, making it easy for kids to clean up after themselves. However, the main factor to consider when you buy washable markers is how each set suits children and their education. Look into options that spark excitement and curiosity with vibrant hues and bold ink. When you think about how each marker set suits you and the children, you can find the best of both worlds in one perfect fit. After all, seeing your young students make their own unique pieces of art is worth finding the perfect set of markers.

Expert Commentary

When it comes to art and coloring materials, parents almost always get apprehensive. Nobody really wants to spend hours trying to wash scribbles off walls or remove stains from clothing. With washable markers, your kids can unleash their creativity to the fullest without you ever having to worry about potential stains.

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The Scripps National Spelling Bee receives a small commission from the purchase of any products or services through an affiliate link to the retailer's website.