Best Wall Safe Tape for Decorating & Hanging

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These rolls of masking tape are wonderful for classroom projects and for adding some extra color when hanging things on the wall. Plus, the tape is strong but easy to remove.

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This roll has 54 yards of tape, which should be plenty for any classroom or home project. It is sticky yet easy to remove from virtually any surface, leaving behind a perfect paint job.

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This wall-safe tape can hold up to 2.2 pounds and sticks to almost any surface. You can reposition it if you need to, and you can even wash it. Just let it dry and it’ll be sticky again.

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We like that this wall-safe tape can be used outside and is UV-resistant. You can also count on no wall damage or sticky residue if the tape is removed within 14 days of placement.

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We like that this wall-safe tape pick comes with 60 strips in a set, making it a very economical option. Instructions for hanging are included in the packaging and the strips are easy to use.

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Each roll of this wall-safe tape measures one inch wide and 30 yards long. It can also be used on carpeting, is easy to cut and leaves no residue on surfaces.

Expert Commentary

Puncturing holes all over your wall is no longer necessary! No more cringing every time you drill a hole or worrying about paint scraping off the walls in your classroom or home. These wall-safe tapes are great for hanging and sticking things on your wall with less commitment and guilt. Some options are more durable than others, so choose what you need depending on what you plan to hang. These tapes are multifunctional and some are reusable, so you don’t have to worry about creating extra waste.