Best Wall Calendars

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This is a great option for those who like to color-code their schedules. Each day of the week is given a different color and you can check the dates of major holidays at a glance Plus, there are ruled lines at the top of each month for extra notes and there’s a mini calendar for each month at the bottom of the page for reference. This calendar measures 14.6 by 11.5 inches and can be hung on the wall or used as a desk calendar.

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This calendar stands out for its large size, measuring 58 inches by 38 inches, and only takes minutes to mount on a wall. Colored markers can be used to categorize various types of events. Four markers are included with the calendar: black, green, blue and orange. Tacks, stickers with icons and a spray bottle are also included to give you everything you need to stay organized and keep up with future plans. The reusable design makes it more environmentally friendly, as it can be used for several years without having to waste paper.

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This wall calendar is ideal for those who want to view their schedule for the upcoming weeks. The dark wood finish looks classy, and the surface is magnetic, so messages, notes and reminders can be attached. The calendar comes with mounting hardware, magnet accessories and a dry erase marker. It’s an appropriate size to mount above a desk without taking up too much space on the wall. The corkboard strip underneath the dry erase board is handy for posting additional items.

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This paper calendar is ideal for those who prefer a traditional way of maintaining their schedule. Each month is posted on a separate page and highlights federal holidays for quick reference. High-quality construction allows it to hold up well with pages that won’t accidentally tear off. The paper is thick, so markers won’t bleed through. Each “date” measures close to two inches wide, giving plenty of room for adding personalized content.

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This large dry erase calendar includes colored markers in blue, red, green and black. It features a high-quality, durable finish and is laminated to ensure the paper doesn’t crease, bend or tear. The coated surface allows the calendar to be used multiple times without becoming stained or smudged. The lightweight design makes it easy to mount without heavy nails or screws, doing less damage to the wall. Unlike similar items on the market, the calendar can be rolled up and is easy to transport. One high-quality eraser and four pieces of 3M double sided tape are also included. The classic style of the font creates a professional and modern look, increasing its versatility.

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The Cabbrix monthly wall calendar is wire-bound, making it effortless to turn each page. This 18-month calendar covers January 2020 to June 2021, with ruled lines, colorful designs and a large amount of writing space for each date. High-quality paper ensures the user can write firmly without worrying about damage. It’s also constructed with a durable, clear cover to keep the calendar clean and is made from recycled paper.

Expert Commentary

“The wall calendar is a wonderful organizational tool for families, students and teachers. While simple, the visual nature and ability to quickly adjust schedules provide an incredibly helpful tool. I have personally found these products very useful as a PhD student, mother and teacher.”