Best USB Light

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The eight LED lights provide ample illumination in any scenario. These bulbs can last for 80,000 hours, providing you with a reliable and portable lighting option no matter where you work. Simply plug into any USB outlet, angle the light and get going.

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This light’s clip can be used as a standing base or it can attach to a book for easy reading. The three color modes — white light, warm light and warm white light — are easy on the eyes, reducing strain and headaches. On the cord of this light is a handy remote that can control 10 brightness levels and the gooseneck design allows light to be angled in any direction.

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We found this option incredibly convenient as it is easy to wear. It is also small and light enough to fit into a student’s backpack. With just a couple hours of charging, this USB light is capable of functioning for up to eight hours.

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The Onite USB light offers impressive lighting that is bright while still being warm and soft. The LED bulb comes attached to a long USB cable and is fitted with a wire hook, making it easy to hang wherever light is needed.

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The i2 Gear reading lamp has a small, lightweight design that makes it easy to carry in a backpack or purse. However, it’s also durable enough that it won’t be damaged during transport. It works well as a computer light, making it a great option for students.

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Among the most notable things about the ASOKO lighting bar is how easy it is to install virtually anywhere. It attaches via magnets, which means it can be fixed on bookshelves or under cabinets without tools or screws.

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The EBYPHAN mini lamps have a compact design so they can be taken virtually anywhere. The light offered by these lamps is soft, making them great for reducing eye fatigue while reading, studying or working on the computer.

Expert Commentary

USB lamps are a lifesaver for those of us who like portable options. I’ve used them when traveling with the family, as I personally do not like airplane lights, which never seem to provide the appropriate level of light needed without disturbing your neighbor. When you don’t know if you’ll have a wall plug handy, these USB lights are the perfect solution as you can just plug into your computer or another device with the USB port. These are also great, practical gifts and stocking stuffers.



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