Best USB Drive

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This is a great bulk buy for a classroom or to have color-coded options for storing different files. Each flash drive has up to 32GB of space and is compatible with USB 2.0 and previous platforms. It can be used on many devices and can store music, photos, documents, presentations, videos and more, making this set of 10 drives a great purchase for a group of people with a variety of projects. Each USB drive also has a little lanyard to prevent it from being misplaced.

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This pack includes five different colored flash drives with 32GB of storage. They are compatible with a range of devices and feature a USB 2.0 interface, an LED light and a lanyard hole to keep the flash drive handy at all times. The protective cap also ensures that the USB drive does not get damaged when not in use.

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When using the SanDisk flash drive, users have the ability to download SecureAccess software. This 128-bit AES encryption software offers password protection within a private folder on one’s flash drive. The USB drive itself features a light that flashes to indicate when files are being uploaded and downloaded, helping to prevent accidental removal of the USB drive during the process. The USB connector can retract into the body of the drive, which helps prevent damage during transport.

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The Samsung 32GB flash drive has a minimalist design. The drive stick is not separated from the port. Rather, the two are integrated, which helps prevent potential damage. Additionally, there is a keyring attached to the body of the USB drive for added convenience. It is a fast option for handling large amounts of small file transfers, making it a good option for students using it for homework or for anyone else who may be transferring music files or similarly-sized items.

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The Kingston 16GB USB Drive has a sliding cap system that keeps the USB connector safe while still ensuring there’s no separate cap to lose. Users simply need to push the cap down when they want to use the flash drive and tug it back up again to house the USB connector back in the drive’s body. Overall, this is a tough flash drive that can withstand plenty of daily use. It offers decent speeds when transferring files.

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The INLAND flash drive is about the same size and shape as a stick of gum. It has a durable plastic construction that makes it a practical option for those who plan to carry it throughout the day. There are multiple colors options available, with choices ranging from bright purple to highlighter yellow. Rear LED indicator lights indicate if the USB drive is reading or writing to prevent accidental disconnects.

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These KOOTION thumb drives feature a capless design with a swiveling metal cover that rotates 360 degrees out of the way to expose the USB connector. This helps prevent any potential damage to the connector when not in use. The metal cover also has a keyring attachment for added convenience. They offer a decent amount of speed and are sturdy enough to hold up to plenty of use.

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This is a great tool to keep track of your schoolwork or work documents. Especially in older grades, this is a great organizational tool for keeping computer documents organized.