Best Tote Bags for Students

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These canvas tote bags have a top zipper enclosure that helps keep items from spilling out of the bag. You can carry the bags by the handles or sling them over a shoulder to free up your hands, and there is one exterior pocket for stashing small essentials. With a weight capacity of about 50 pounds, this bag has more than enough strength for your student’s books or sporting gear.

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This tote bag is made of polyester and can be hand-washed if it gets dirty. With durable material, a zipper closure and interior pockets, it is great for carrying items to classes and after-school activities.

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These BeeGreen Reusable and Foldable Shopping Bags have a fantastic capacity, with each bag in the set capable of holding about the same number of items as three standard grocery bags. These bags are easy to fold up and tuck away when necessary, making them the perfect on-the-go choice. Meanwhile, the durable fabric is waterproof and does a great job resisting tears.

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The ESVAN Original Floral Tote Bag is an especially well-constructed option, as it is made with high-quality materials and features durable metal zippers. The bag also has large looped handles that make it easier to carry, even when it is completely filled.

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The DALIX Heavy-Duty Cotton Canvas Tote Bag stands out for the quality of the strong and durable cotton used in its construction. Many different colors are available, from basic black and white to bolder options such as orange, purple or mint green.

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The Sunny Snowy Laptop Tote Bag is an incredibly stylish choice. It is available in multiple colors and patterns, all made with high-quality nylon that ensures the bag’s longevity. While incredibly lightweight, it is still a durable option that will stand up to wear and can easily be cleaned.

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Among the many things to love about the Rockland Duffel Bag is the range of prints available, from an adorable print with colorful owls to camo, peace signs, polka dots and so much more. The bag is made with heavy-duty materials that ensure it’s able to stand up to plenty of wear and travel. A removable shoulder strap further adds to the convenience of traveling with this option.

Expert Commentary

Tote bags are universally handy for everyone — these options are practical, durable and affordable. I love the designs and the versatility (and the eco-friendly option). Totes can be used for kids in any number of circumstances, from their daily needs to soccer practice to lunches. Adults can use them for groceries and carrying any number of things for themselves and their families.