Best Thumb Drive

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The Netac 128GB thumb drive has loads of storage and the USB 3.0 hardware interface is five times faster than its USB 2.0 competitors, reading up to 90 megabytes per second. The body of the thumb drive is made of durable ABS plastic and is protected by the rotating stainless steel cover. This thumb drive is mini-sized, super-slim and measures just 2.3 inches long, so it can fit in any pocket.

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This USB 2.0 SanDisk 128GB thumb drive has a simple sliding mechanism that extends or retracts the USB. The SanDisk product is equipped with SecureAccess software, allowing you to set a password to protect valuable documents and files. It’s capable of storing music, videos and movies, photos, presentations and practically any other type of file.

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The thumb drives in this pack feature an aluminum cover that rotates 360 degrees to protect the USB port, making this a more durable option. An eyelet hole at the end of the thumb drive makes it easy to attach to a keychain for easy transportation. Labels are included in this pack so that the thumb drives can be marked as needed.

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These INLAND thumb drives come with a hard plastic cover that helps to prevent any potential physical damage. A removable plastic cap covers the USB port, ensuring it stays safe until the thumb drive is ready for use. The thumb drive has rear LED indicator lights to show when it is reading and writing.

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These thumb drives are covered with a rotating metal clip that twists out of the way to uncover the USB port. This metal clip also has a keychain loop so the thumb drive can easily be attached to a keychain or lanyard for easier transportation. The bottom of each drive has a red LED light to indicate when it is in use.

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The TOPESEL thumb drives come with multiple colors in each five-pack, which makes it easier to keep track of your data. The thumb drives can support various formats of data, including MP3, MP4, Excel, Word, PDF and more. Each thumb drive comes with a strong protective cap to help ensure the USB port remains safe, even during transport.

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These thumb drives come in a variety of fun colors, from bright pink to neon green, which makes it easier to keep them organized. The red LED light on the thumb drive flashes to let users know when data is being transferred. At just over two inches in length, they’re incredibly small. This, combined with the keychain loop, makes these USB drives easy to carry along wherever you go.

Expert Commentary

Even though the world is increasingly moving toward cloud storage, thumb drives are still essential and a great way to physically transfer and store files and pictures. Thumb drives offer the added security of tangibly transferring your data so you don’t have to worry about security breaches in your online accounts. The above options are sturdy, high-quality options, including fun colored options that flash and alert you when the data is being transferred. Make sure you have a pack handy at your home office or classroom!