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Best Three-Subject Notebook

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The world has gone digital, but even the best gadgets have not been able to replace the simplicity and efficiency of a good notebook. Three-subject notebooks make it easy to take notes and keep important information (such as the vocabulary words and spelling terms) close at hand. These three-subject notebooks take top marks for quality, durability and portability.

Five Star Three-Subject Spiral Notebooks have pages that are designed to resist bleeding, even when used with gel pens and markers. Perforated pages make it easy for students to tear out a clean sheet, and this three-hole-punched notebook can be secured inside of a three-ring binder. The sheets of these 150-page notebooks measure 11nches by 8 1/2 inches, and are college-ruled.

At 10 ½ inches by 8 inches, the Kicko Three Subject Spiral Notebooks are slightly smaller, making them a great option for younger students. The paper is college-ruled, so more words can fit onto each line, whether taking notes or filling up pages with spelling lists. The variety of color choices with each pack makes it easy to color-code the notebooks for different classes and subjects. The notebook is three-hole punched for storage inside a binder.

These Oxford Three-Subject Poly Notebooks are a terrific choice for students with large handwriting, as the pages are wide-ruled. The plastic cover makes them a sturdy choice for students who will use them throughout the entire academic year. The sheets are micro-perforated, making them easy to tear out so only the pages students want to keep stay inside the notebook. The notebook is three-hole-punched.

The Mead Three Subject Spiral Notebook is a smaller-sized three subject notebook for note-taking on-the-go. The dividers, which break the notebook up into three subjects, include pockets for storing loose papers as needed. It has 150 pages, and the range of colors includes black, turquoise and neon green.

The sturdy double-wire binding on the AmazonBasics Three Subject College-Ruled Notebooks is designed to give the notebook added durability for heavy use. This six-pack comes in a variety of colors, making it easy to color-code the notebooks according to different needs, such as different classroom subjects. The notebooks are three-hole-punched, making them easy to fit into a three-ring binder if needed.

Expert Commentary

Three-subject notebooks are here to stay, despite the world going digital. Having these handy in any scenario is helpful, and it’s important for children to learn how to manage hard copy notes and organize them. I like the options that have dividers included within the notebooks so you can divide and segment subjects. These are all solid quality and affordable.

Our Expert Consultant

Melissa Spurling

Melissa holds a doctorate in pharmacy and is a home educator, co-teaching a high school chemistry class and a primary school class. Having taught two of her own children to read, write and traverse Singapore Math, Melissa has spent hundreds, if not thousands of hours researching and testing curriculum.