Best Three-Hole Punch

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This is a basic, no-frills three-hole punch. Choose from dark pink, gray, black or blue colors. It is completely made of metal for enhanced durability and the punch heads are made of stainless steel to ensure they get a crisp cut every time. The chip tray is easy to remove and dump out and the punch has a non-skid base so it’s extra stable.

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Weighing just 0.8 ounces, this lightweight three-hole punch is a great portable tool. It also measures just over half an inch high, so it can easily fit in a desk drawer, or practically anywhere. It features a 10-inch ruler edge and can punch up to five sheets of paper at a time, making it best for smaller jobs. Despite being so lightweight, it is made of stainless steel and strong plastics for extra durability. It has a removable chip tray as well.

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With the Bostitch three-hole punch, creating holes in your documents is a much simpler and more comfortable process, even with large amounts of paper. Among the many benefits of this metal punch is its ability to prevent paper jamming. Additionally, it features a handle lock that makes for easy storage, even in tight spaces. A built-in ruler also helps ensure proper placement of the holes.

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The Veyette three-hole punch is an electric hole-punch system that greatly simplifies the process. The item can be used with both an adapter or six AA batteries. It comes with an adjustable paper guide, allowing you to line up the paper and make neat holes, and has a drawer for paper scraps. This helps make cleanup easier when the hole-punching process is finished.

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The Swingline hole punch is an effective hole-punch tool that makes precise holes in up to 10 pieces of paper at a time. Among the biggest benefits of this one is that it can be adjusted to make either two or three holes per sheet, depending on your needs. The gliding chip tray helps keep things clean and is also easy to pull in and out. As a bonus, the hole punch comes with an extra head in case a replacement is ever necessary.

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The Officemate three-hole punch has a durable all-steel construction, making it sturdy enough to withstand plenty of use. It has a 40-sheet capacity, so it’s a good option for large workloads. The padded handle helps to ensure your comfort while using it as well. The hole punch includes an adjustable paper guide to help guarantee accuracy.

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The PaperPro punch includes ProPunch technology, which helps make piercing holes in paper up to 50% easier. With this hole punch, it is easy to do 12 pieces of paper at once without having jamming problems. The product comes with a paper guide and a ruler to help make precise measurements and ensure accuracy. The handle locks down for easy storage and a chip tray makes cleanup of paper debris a breeze.

Expert Commentary

“The selection of three-hole punches is great — from electric to compact sizes, you can find the one that best suits your needs. I like the electric one personally since I tend to do a lot of three-hole punching as a homeschool teacher.”