Best Thermal Printer

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With a printing speed of 250 mm per second, this printer is super fast. It has a de-curl function that ensures receipts print flat, not curled, and is compatible with futurePRNT software so you can customize receipts and other promotional papers with a professional-looking touch.

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With auto-label detection, you won’t have to worry about misprinted labels. The printer will automatically adjust the angle to ensure your labels are perfectly centered so you don’t waste paper. Plus, it prints at 150 mm per second.

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This printer can print at a zippy 150mm per second, and it’s designed to print crystal-clear labels without smudging or smearing. The printer is compact enough to be portable, so it can be picked up and moved as needed.

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The Brother thermal printer is capable of printing labels up to 4 inches wide and can be used to print labels for packages along with visitor and name badges. It offers fast printing, allowing you to print up to 69 standard address labels per minute. It helps ensure everything is printed correctly by detecting the tape size in the machine and adjusting the onscreen template as needed.

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This option has a sleek, compact design that allows it to fit neatly on any desk. It works fast and is capable of printing upwards of 51 standard four-line address labels in about a minute. DYMO labels come in a roll and loading them up is easy, so there is no need to feed sheets of labels into a printer.

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The Arkscan printer is a high-speed option capable of printing 5 inches per second. On average, it takes about 1.2 seconds to print a standard 4-by-6-inch shipping label. It is capable of printing labels for many of the biggest retailers, from eBay to Poshmark and Shopify.

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This receipt printer comes with a beep reminder to let you know that a receipt has been printed so customers do not walk away without their receipt. However, this reminder can be turned down or off as desired. This printer is a high-speed option capable of printing 300mm per second. Installing the receipt paper is easy, as is the regular maintenance for the printer. Setup is also straightforward and simple.

Expert Commentary

In our digital world, we are increasingly shipping things from a variety of places and preparing receipts, shipping labels and other items. Make sure you have a proper thermal printer to address this need. These options are easy to set up, affordable and high quality. The advantages of thermal printers are that they’re perfect for e-commerce, running a business at home or printing labels from home rather than having to wait in long lines at the post office. Given the affordability and technology, I have justified the need for a thermal printer so that I don’t have to go out or use generic printers for creating shipping labels.