Best Terrarium and Garden Kits for Kids

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If your child loves dinosaurs, this terrarium kit is a great option. Like other terrariums, it teaches kids about how plants grow: they can see it step-by-step and do it themselves with the easy-to-follow instructions. To go with the dino theme, this kit comes with five dinosaurs and info cards to educate kids on each dinosaur with some fun facts. This terrarium set has all you need to grow a garden — all you’ll need is water. Soil, sand, rocks, seeds, dino figurines and a light-up lid are all included, as well as some fun stickers. This kit is great for fostering creativity, building a foundation of STEM understanding and educating about dinosaurs and our environment.

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This terrarium is the perfect project that gives kids hands-on experience and the gratification of building something themselves while learning about plants and the environment. The simple jar becomes transformed into an indoor garden that kids get to personalize themselves. The kit comes with all the materials and directions you need to start your garden, as well as cute figurines and stickers. An LED light is included on the lid of the jar so the garden becomes illuminated in the dark. Each step of the process is sure to engage children. They’ll love to see their own creation grow.

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The Creativity for Kids Grow N’ Glow Dinosaur Habitat is the perfect choice for children with an interest in dinosaurs. Children will learn more about dinosaurs and prehistoric times as they assemble this kit. It comes with everything needed to make the habitat look like the world of our distant past. The kit includes dinosaur figurines, dino fossils, paint that resembles lava, and glowing stones. The inclusion of quick-growing chia, wheatgrass and bean seeds also means there is plenty of variety for kids ages 6 and up as they grow their new habitat.

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While being a fun science project, the Light-Up Terrarium Kit for Kids also creates a magical display. Children can place the terrarium in their bedroom or living room and watch the plants inside grow each day. It only takes minutes to complete and includes easy instructions with clearly-labeled items. Kids can complete the project independently, which is a great way to boost confidence and build self-esteem. The durability and quality of the materials even allow it to be used again in the future. Small children can also learn how to tend to the growing plants by watering them with the mini spray bottle included in the kit. Kids can begin to see the growth of the plants in just a few days, which helps them feel rewarded for their efforts and keeps them looking forward to the progress the plants will make over time. This option is ideal for kids ages 6 to 12.

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This garden kit offers playful activity that’s educational as well as fun. With its simple and minimal design, this option is great for younger kids. They will be fascinated as they watch the dehydrated soil rise up once it’s watered. It’s a science experiment with everything included, allowing kids to begin making it the instant they open the box. Within a week, they’ll begin to see grass poke through the soil and grow. Watering it every few days teaches children how to be responsible and care for an object. Although kids may forget to water the grass from time to time, it perks back up quickly once it becomes hydrated again. This option is fantastic for children ages 4 and up.

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As a STEM activity, the Creativity for Kids Grow ‘N Glow Terrarium kit mixes science and art, making for an educational activity that kids will love putting together. However, the fun doesn’t end once it’s completed. As the plants grow, children will learn how to nurture and care for the ecosystem they created with their own two hands. The results are visible in as early as three to four days to ensure kids don’t become impatient with the process and quickly see the fruits of their labor. A lot of the hard work has been done ahead of time by the manufacturer; small children won’t have to worry about poking holes in the lid of the jar or making a seed selection. This option is recommended for children 6 and up.

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Made for children 5 and up, this terrarium offers a hands-on experience that is educational and simple to execute, incorporating science as well as art. The light-up lid means it can be used as a night light in children’s rooms. It’s extremely easy to make and lets kids unleash their creativity with the design, making each terrarium a one-of-a-kind creation. Assembling the item is half the fun with the variety of materials included. It only takes a few days to begin seeing plants grow. Children can continue to water their garden for several months with the included spray bottle, which will teach children what plants need to thrive.

Expert Commentary

“A terrarium kit can be a great way to help children get excited about plants and can also be a great introduction to biology. Make sure that the kit you choose has age-appropriate materials and non-hazardous plants.”