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Best Tempera Paint Sets for Kids

Viele Kinder malen mit Farbe zusammen mit Erzieher im Kindergarten

Children love to paint, especially with vibrant paints that won’t fade. Tempera paint is a great choice since it’s usually available in ready-to-go liquid form that promises bold hues with consistent color payoff. Check out our top picks for the best kids’ tempera paint sets.

Children will love that they can choose between 40 colors with this kids’ tempera paint set, including metallic, neon, glitter and even glow-in-the-dark shades.

This kids’ tempera paint set offers blendable colors that are water-based and easy to wash away. Kids and teachers will like that the colors won’t chip, crack or fade over time.

This kids’ tempera paint set is perfect for painting on paper, canvas or even for papier-mâché projects. You’ll get 8 ounces of tempera paint in each bottle.

You’ll get 2 ounces of paint in each pot with this kids’ tempera paint set. The smaller size is perfect for smaller crafting projects. You’ll like that this pick is washable.

Best Colors

Children will love that this kids’ tempera paint set includes fluorescent, glitter, metallic and neon colors as well as get classic primary and secondary colors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can kids learn from using tempera paint?

From learning colors to making art, there is a lot to learn from using tempera paint. Giving kids better ways to interact with colors is a great way to make sure they stay on track with their learning. Giving them a hands-on way to experiment with colors can drive home their understanding of colors while having fun doing it. Tempera paint can offer a tangible method of learning colors. With tempera paint, kids can freely mix colors and see how they interact. Mixing paint gives kids a full range of possibilities, letting them add different amounts of each color together to make their own unique colors. Over time, kids can develop their understanding of colors and put their knowledge to use in paintings and other works of art using tempera paint.

How can teachers use tempera paint in the classroom?
As a teacher, keeping the classroom fun and interactive is important. When kids can playfully interact with lessons, they can become more engaged in their learning. Teachers can use tempera paint to achieve that. Within class lessons, teachers can use tempera paint to assist their teaching goals and draw in the attention of their students. For example, teachers can have their younger students mix paints to make colors as a little challenge they can enjoy. Giving students only primary colors to work with can be a great way to build their understanding of colors by challenging them to mix colors like green, orange and purple. Teachers can go even further to challenge their students by having them make their own paintings by mixing primary colors to make whatever colors they want to use. By turning the learning experience into a game, kids can reach a deeper understanding of their lessons while taking on a fun and exciting challenge.

Buying Guide

There are a lot of different paint sets out there for kids to learn with. Figuring out which one suits your children or students best can take some time and effort. To cut down on the hours spent searching for the best fit for your needs, keep these key factors in mind while you weigh out your options. Different paint sets can offer different lessons to students in their learning experiences. Some tempera paint kits have multiple colors, ranging from mixed colors to basic primary colors.

Giving students a wide selection of colors can open the door for their creative flow, inspiring them to make their most imaginative artwork. Other sets have a tighter selection of colors, lending kids the opportunity to mix their own custom colors. This can help kids learn how colors mix and what colors complement each other. From a teaching perspective, these limited-range sets can be used as a tool to teach color mixing.

On top of the basic tempera paints, there are also paints that bring some extra pizzazz into the mix with glitter and other flashy finishes. These kinds of paint can bring some excitement to learning, drawing in kids to learning and keeping them engaged with a whimsical twist on painting. Keeping these factors in mind can help you find the best fit for your children’s educational needs.

Expert Commentary

Kids can be messy painters, especially if they are working with slow-drying paint mediums as those are very easy to smudge. Tempera paints are a better pick for kids since they dry quickly. In addition to its fast-drying property, the tempera paint medium provides a rich color pigmentation that children find particularly rewarding during the painting activity. Tempera paint is also long-lasting and economical, as only a little amount of paint is required to complete each painting. Also, these paints are washable, ensuring a mess-free activity.

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The Scripps National Spelling Bee receives a small commission from the purchase of any products or services through an affiliate link to the retailer's website.