Best Supplemental Math for 7th Grade

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This book is great for middle and high school students. Each subject has hints, step-by-step solutions and answers to ensure students are learning properly in order to advance to the next concepts.

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Workbook questions include multiple-choice, true-or-false, fill-in-the-blank, matching and open-response questions so students can get comfortable with various forms of test-taking that they’ll likely see in class.

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The Go Math! supplemental math for seventh grade workbook also gives you access to a digital portal to practice online, get support or watch videos to see practical math applications.

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With this supplemental math for seventh grade workbook, students will learn about rational numbers, percents, statistics, comparing and interpreting data sets and other practical math uses.

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Through real-world scenarios, this supplemental math for seventh grade workbook tackles complex math topics like ratios, geometry, equations and inequalities with routine assessment quizzes.

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With Saxon’s supplemental math for seventh grade workbook students gain clarity for properly working through complex math equations and understanding the reasoning behind them.

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In this supplemental math for seventh grade workbook students will gain strategies to calculate multiplication, percentages, division and even square roots mentally.

Expert Commentary

Seventh grade is the intermediate grade where students are getting into the tough nuts and bolts of math: algebra. This is where a student’s math skills are now firing on all cylinders and put to the test. Ensure your child doesn’t fall behind on any one concept that will compound in later years. These workbooks will complement your child’s learning via additional exercises and problem sets to help put theory into action.