Best Supplemental Math for 6th Grade

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This supplemental math for sixth grade workbook helps to build on complex concepts like exponents and square roots as well as understanding negative numbers and how to use them.

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The Argo Brothers supplemental math for sixth grade workbook also comes with a free online portal featuring explainer videos to help further solidify tough concepts for kids — and their parents.

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Using real-world scenarios, kids will use this supplemental math for sixth grade workbook for tougher math topics like statistics, probability and problem-solving on the coordinate plane.

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The Go Math! supplemental math for sixth grade workbook also offers a digital portal where children can practice online, get support and watch videos to see math used in the real world.

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With the 180 Days of Math supplemental math for sixth grade workbook children can tackle math practice every day of the school year and build confidence to excel.

Expert Commentary

Sixth grade is the time that the foundational math skills start to accelerate into pre-algebra. This is an important time to supplement your student’s curriculum in multifaceted ways to ensure your student solidifies his or her understanding from every lens possible. These supplemental workbooks will not only shore up your student’s arithmetic skills, but also help them gain the confidence they need as they push to the next level of pre-algebra.