Best Supplemental Math for 1st Grade

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This supplemental workbook features a variety of fun activities that won’t even feel like math. Counting, sorting and basic addition and subtraction exercises help keep your child’s mind sharp as they strengthen their skills and become more comfortable with math ideas.

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This book is filled with colorful pictures and sections that help keep children engaged as they work on counting, sorting and addition and subtraction with one- to three-digit numbers.

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With Sylvan’s supplemental math for first grade workbook, children will work through 320 colorful pages of activities to reinforce the foundational knowledge for success in math.

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With this book for supplemental math for first grade, children will also tackle algebraic thinking, logic problems and data analysis. The book has practice problems for every day of the school year.

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This supplemental math for first grade book has over 300 colorful exercises to keep children engaged as they learn. You can also tear out pages to make worksheets. An answer key is included, too.

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This workbook also focuses on word problems as well as differentiating odd and even numbers while using fun and jokes to make it enjoyable.

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We like that this supplemental math for first grade workbook still teaches problem solving and fractions, but focuses on the two basic functions to slowly ease children into concepts.

Expert Commentary

First grade is the first critical year of learning, especially in math. The foundations you lay in first grade will compound not just through K-12, but beyond into their adult years. Ensure you engage your child with the fun supplemental math guides above to encourage early learning and associating learning with fun. These are the best on the market for first graders.