Best Study Carrels

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Because these study carrels are made of plastic, they can be easily wiped down and disinfected, unlike cardboard alternatives. Plus, students are often tempted to draw on cardboard panels when bored, but the plastic material stands up to pencil and ink marks, preventing distracting damage. The panels have rounded upper corners for safety and measure 13.5 inches tall. This purchase includes 20 carrels that should withstand plenty of use throughout the school year.

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These basic cardboard carrels don’t have distracting designs or decorations on them, so students are sure to stay focused on their tests. This purchase includes 24 study carrels, making it perfect for the average classroom. The panels fold flat so they can be easily stacked and stored away. Measuring 12 inches high and 48 inches long when expanded, there is plenty of room for privacy.

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This Teacher Created Resources study carrel is a fun option with a design that fits perfectly with the brand’s Chalkboard Brights theme. In addition to having a great design that easily fits atop a desk, these study carrels are also quite sturdy. They will stand up to plenty of use, even by many children over a lengthy period of time. This option is large enough to provide students with all the space they need, no matter what work they are doing.

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These study carrels from Really Good Stuff Jr. are made of durable corrugated cardboard, making them sturdy enough to stay intact even with plenty of use. They are large enough to provide students the space they need during their next spelling test, giving them better focus. The 12-pack comes in green, red or blue, or you can get an assorted pack.

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Pacon’s study carrels are a good basic option for use in a wide range of environments. Their basic black design means they will work with virtually any classroom theme, and the color should not peel or fade over time. A durable and affordable option, these study carrels can easily be used to outfit an entire classroom.

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Classroom Products’ study carrels provide value for those in need of a privacy option for their entire class. These study carrels can be purchased in packs of up to 40 to meet the needs of even large classrooms. These plain corrugated cardboard carrels come in three color options — plain (“kraft”), white and black — and \feature no designs, which can be perfect for those seeking an option that will not distract students.

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These study carrels from Flipside Products are among the sturdiest of study carrels thanks to the heavy cardboard construction and locking top bar. Their black exterior helps them instantly match any other classroom decor. They have generous sizing and will give students all the elbow room they need to scribble out spelling words or perform math equations during testing or study.

Expert Commentary

“Study carrels are great for the home and school. Children easily become distracted, and it’s important to create an environment conducive to focus. These are great not only for teachers in the classroom but also at home when kids are doing homework, need some quiet space or need concentration on a task.”