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Best Story Prompts for Kids

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Knowing how to convert thoughts into the written word can be a challenge for many children. It’s an important skill to master, especially as children progress through school and will need to draft countless papers and essays. Teaching children how to express their thoughts and feelings through writing can be easier with story prompts, which are a great way to help children improve their writing skills in a fun, engaging way.

Children will love that this story prompt book for kids includes a wide array of genres, including humor, historical fiction, mystery, fantasy, science fiction, horror and even realistic fiction.

This story prompt book for kids offers 30 creative prompts to help spark a child’s imagination and encourage them to keep the story going with their own unique twists and turns.

This story prompt book for kids comes with 50 fun visual prompts. It’s perfect for children as young as first grade and encourages them to color in the image prompts.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can kids learn by using story prompts?

Kids are so creative, but at a young age, that creativity can be hard for them to harness. Giving children an outlet to use their creative thinking can often help them get the ball rolling. Story prompts do exactly that, providing children with a starting point when writing or telling a story. Kids can develop their ability to think in different ways using story prompts. They can even challenge themselves to write different stories off the same prompt, practicing problem solving and creative thinking. By using story prompts, children can get comfortable with branching out on new ideas in writing without having to create a story from scratch.

How can teachers implement story prompts in the classroom?

Bringing creatively inspiring challenges into the classroom is a great way for teachers to boost the morale and learning experience of their students. By using story prompts, teachers can present their students with all sorts of lessons and challenges that build up abstract thinking and writing skills. Teachers could give every student the same prompt, showing them the endless possibilities of the imagination. If everyone writes from the same prompt, students can compare their stories and draw similarities between one another. Teachers could even pair kids up to write with a prompt, teaching collaboration in creative projects.

Buying Guide

While looking for story prompts for kids, whether for home or school, there are a lot of options in front of you. To narrow down your choices, keep your child’s interests and needs in mind. By comparing each option’s features to your child’s needs, you are sure to find a perfect fit. Some story prompt books have open-ended prompts, giving kids a whole world to create with their writing. Others have a tighter scope, pointing kids in a specific direction. If your child needs more freedom to be creative, stick to open-ended prompts. On the other hand, students who need a little extra push to get the creativity flowing can benefit from a more specific prompt. On top of that, there are also prompt books with different themes. Kids can learn how to write in all sorts of styles and genres, so finding a writing style they are interested in is a great way to make sure they get the most educational value out of your choice.

Expert Commentary

While your child may not be able to write the perfect story at this age, that should not stop them from trying. Kids have an amazingly imaginative mind, and this is a major reason why they find absolute joy in creative activities like story writing. With these story prompts, you can help your kid generate new ideas every day, broadening their horizons and achieving their full storytelling potential. Also, having these prompts at hand instantly takes away the burden of coming up with new prompts off your shoulders, making your job much easier.

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The Scripps National Spelling Bee receives a small commission from the purchase of any products or services through an affiliate link to the retailer's website.