Best Sticky Tabs

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These binder tabs include sticky tabs of two sizes and a built-in ruler. You will always have your sticky tabs available since they are easy to place in your binder or spiral notebook. The sticky tabs are transparent, waterproof and easy to write on.

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This set comes with six sets of sticky tabs that come in 10 bright colors in three designs. The tabs are waterproof, transparent and easy to stick and remove. They have a secure stick, but will not leave residue on pages if you move them.

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This set comes with 400 2-inch sticky tabs that are ideal for use in labeling files and 100 half-inch tabs that can serve as page markers. The two-inch sets are divided into 10 bright neon colors while the half-inch tabs are divided into five colors, allowing you to color-code your notes. These tabs can be written on, and can also be repositioned.

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This batch of page markers contains two sets that are rectangular and two sets with arrow-shaped tips. They come in seven bold neon colors, making it easier to mark critical points in a book or document.

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Choose from four bright colors. These tabs are ideal for keeping binders or notebooks organized as the school year progresses.

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The large quantity included in this pack makes this set of sticky tabs a smart buy. Plus the pop-up design, multiple sizes and 15 separate sets make these perfect for both your desk or to take on the go.

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This set features a vibrant range of colors that aid in creating easy, color-coded organizational systems. In addition to note-taking, these tabs can be used to organize notebooks and binders.

Expert Commentary

As an avid reader, sticky tabs are incredibly useful. I don’t have to worry about earmarking pages by folding them over (which damages the paper), losing bookmarks or physically marking up pages. I can simply add a sticky tab that can be removed later. These come in handy in a variety of settings. Students can mark important pages in their textbooks and organize their notes by subject matter. These are essential in my household and I highly recommend the choices above, especially those with writable tabs, which help you remember why you highlighted a page.