Best Sticker Books for Preschoolers

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This book from School Zone comes with a total of 324 stickers on eight pages, all of them brightly colored and featuring creative designs. There are plenty of activities inside the book that help teach kids a range of different skills, from problem-solving to alphabet basics. Award stickers are also included so kids can get special prizes as they complete tasks in the book. This sticker book is recommended for children ages 3 through 6.

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This School Zone math sticker book can help children master working with the numbers zero through 12. The book’s pages are perforated so they can be torn out and used as individual work pages. The range of activities teach children math skills and help them learn to follow directions as they work. This book is recommended for children ages 3 to 6.

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This sticker activity book offers an impressive way to learn and create art. The “Paint by Sticker Kids” book introduces children to a mosaic style of putting together pictures piece by piece. The large stickers in this book are perfect for small kids to manage. Meanwhile, the perforated pages make displaying finished pages a breeze. While the manufacturer recommends this product for children 5 and older, our experts give it the OK for preschoolers.

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This fun-filled sticker book offers a variety of activities that will have children engrossed in learning about a variety of animals. As children complete the activities in this book, like matching baby animals to the correct surrounding images, they’ll also pick up lessons about patterns and amazing animal facts. The vast amount of stickers and activities in this book will keep children learning for hours.

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This seek-and-find sticker book has many pages for children to hunt through. Once children find the hidden objects, they can mark them by placing the matching stickers on the page. They can also complete picture scenes with creative coloring. These activities help kids become more aware of fine details, sharpen their focus and broaden their attention span.

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The ocean’s animals are some of the most fascinating on the planet. With more than a thousand stickers of ocean creatures and pages of activities, preschoolers can perfect early learning skills including pattern recognition, spelling, reading, logic and reasoning. Children can draw, read facts about marine life and complete puzzles as they work through a book that will keep them occupied and learning for a long time.

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This sticker book follows Anna on her adventure to find Elsa, introducing fun facts about the characters and their experiences. Children will enjoy placing the stickers on the pages and reading the captions (with parents), then reusing the stickers to recreate their favorite scenes from the movie. It may be a bit advanced for younger children, but any child over 3 is sure to enjoy this book.

Expert Commentary

“Having an artistic child who loves colors, sticker books were the perfect activity book to provide a palette for creative juices. They can also be a great way to provide a simple reward as you introduce chores and as your child starts learning to read.”



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