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Best Sticker Books for Ages 3 to 4

Child plays a pirate quest on a paper map, hands glue a sticker

Children generally love stickers. Stickers are a fun addition to a child’s work of art, and they allow younger children to practice their critical thinking skills while they consider logically what might make sense in any given scene. There are tons of sticker book options on the market; we recommend the following based on their quality along with the added educational benefits that they offer. These sticker books can be a wonderful accessory to any child’s art set or perform well as a stand-alone creative outlet.

Best Animal Stickers

First 100 Animals Sticker Book: Over 500 Stickers (Paperback)

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With this book, children will learn to recognize the names of their favorite animals while also discovering a few new ones. Though it contains over 500 stickers, the book is organized in a way that makes browsing and searching for favorites a simple task. Children can also improve their motor and matching skills as they find the correct space for any given animal. Reading the names (perhaps with some adult assistance) and placing the stickers where they belong can help 3- and 4-year-olds strengthen their vocabulary.

Most Educational

I Can Do That! Stickers: Super Simple (and Smart!) Sticker Activities (Novelty Book)

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The “I Can Do That” sticker activity book will have preschoolers practicing various skills including pre-reading, pre-math and logical thinking. The 64 activities in the book include mazes, puzzles, matching games, counting games and more, which children can practice over and over again with the 350 reusable stickers. Parents will love seeing how engaging and educational this books is for kids.

This sticker pad includes five colorful background scenes, which children can populate with the more than 150 reusable stickers that are included. This particular edition focuses on animal habitats, allowing children to learn about the various environments that animals — and even dinosaurs — call home. Since the stickers are reusable, kids can easily reposition them. Teachers may also find this a wonderful supplement to their educational curriculum.

Best Book of Trucks

Ultimate Sticker Book: Diggers and Dumpers: More Than 60 Reusable Full-Color Stickers (Paperback)

List Price: $6.99 USD
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This Ultimate Sticker Book has more than 60 stickers that can be reused throughout the book, which offers activities, fun facts and engaging pictures to hold the interest of little ones who love machinery. By placing the stickers, children can build their finger dexterity along with their knowledge of construction equipment.

This sticker book from Melissa & Doug presents kids with over 200 stickable people and objects that are found in everyday lifeThe book includes five background scenes, including a school, a grocery store, a restaurant, a fire station and a hospital. Children can repeatedly populate each scene with the reusable stickers, building fine motor skills while also learning more about the world around them. T

Expert Commentary

“Having an artistic child who loves colors, sticker books were the perfect activity book to provide a palette for creative juices. Sticker book use evolves as the child develops, and they can also be a great way to provide a simple reward.”

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