Best Steno Books

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Each book in this pack has paper in four different colors: pink, purple, white and blue. These basic books have 80 perforated-top pages, spiral binding and Gregg ruling. For those who like to separate their notes and organize by color, these steno books will be a helpful purchase.

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The front cover of this steno pad is flexible yet sturdy and features a place to label the notebook. The book is spiral bound on the top and measures 6 by 9 inches. The bright white paper provides a good contrast when writing in pen or pencil, so your notes are always clear and readable.

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These steno books are wire-bound at the top with a no-snag coil that will not catch on other papers in your bag or your clothing. They are a great size at 6 by 9 inches, giving you plenty of room for taking notes while still allowing them to fit easily in a purse, backpack or laptop bag. They have perforated sheets that detach easily when it’s time to remove sheets from the books.

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The Mintra steno books have a heavy-duty coil on the top with a lock that prevents any possible snags. The paper is a little bit heavier, which makes it great for fieldwork and helps to ensure ink doesn’t bleed through. The cover is durable, ensuring a sturdy work surface.

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This steno book is unique with its distinctive green paper, which helps ease eye strain while taking notes for long periods of time. The paper is a good weight and most inks do not bleed through. The narrow ruling on the pages offers a little more room for note taking, as well.

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These Members Mark steno books are micro-perforated, which helps ensure the clean removal of pages from the pad when necessary. The cardboard backing of the pad is sturdy and does not bend easily. The paper is smooth, which makes for a good writing experience.

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Made of 30% recycled content, these Staples pads are an earth-friendly option. They are micro-perforated at the top for easier removal of pages from the steno book. Each set of steno books comes in an assortment of colors, including blue, red, green and black. The spiral-bound design ensures easy access to the papers inside the book.

Expert Commentary

There is something simple yet sophisticated about steno books. They remind me of a detective or reporter at a scene jotting down quick but important notes that will soon be part of an investigation. These steno pads are the best options out there for when you need to quickly turn the page and efficiently capture notes. I use them for tasks like grocery lists, and they’re great for kids’ daily to-do lists. I personally prefer the smaller ones, but you can choose the size, features and cover type that suits your needs.