Best Standing Risers for Computers

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The height of these standing risers can quickly adjust from 4.5 inches to just under 20 inches. The workspace is spacious and has a multi-function spot that can prop up smartphones, tablets and more.

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The rising mechanism on this desk is super easy, and so is assembly. All that needs to be attached is the keyboard tray, which can be detached at any time if you prefer to not have one.

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You’ll like that this gas spring-style riser is easy for children to quickly operate. You can adjust the height from three to 15 inches. Because of the size, it’s best for use with laptops.

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We like that this riser lifts both the keyboard and display trays at the same time. Adjust the height between 6.5 and 17 inches. Shifting heights is easy with the dual gas spring force mechanism.

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This riser also uses a gas spring hovering system to gently lift and lower the trays. You’ll also get a dual-tray design that is perfect for keeping your keyboard and display on different levels.

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As is popular, this is another two-tiered option that features a gas spring lifting mechanism for easy operation and can adjust between 4.3 to 19.9 inches by using the concealed handles.

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This 36-inch desk can be adjusted between 4.3 and 19.8 inches using the smooth dual gas spring mechanism. It supports up to 33 pounds and is great for dual-screen setups.

Expert Commentary

Every classroom or home office computer setup should be as ergonomic as possible to minimize injuries and maximize comfort and productivity. The options above provide maximum flexibility and quality, whether you are setting up one laptop or using dual screens and multiple monitors. All of these options allow you to adjust the height and ensure the screens are eye-level or at the ergonomically recommended height. These small investments go a long way and are worth every penny to ensure you are not only productive but can do the best work possible with minimal pain and no long term health impacts. Don’t forget to get these for your entire family including your children — instilling good posture at a young age is essential as they continue to develop and grow.