Best Standing Chalkboard Sign

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This chalkboard measures 40 inches by 22 inches. It has a smooth writing surface that is easily erasable and is designed to withstand the elements if left outside.

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The non-porous surface of this chalkboard allows for clear writing from chalk markers or traditional chalk, and it’s designed not to leave ghost letters behind after you’ve erased. This board can be wall-mounted, too.

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You’ll like that the chalkboards are magnetic so you can post other items on this standing chalkboard sign. The actual writing space measures 18 inches by 28 inches.

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This standing chalkboard sign has a writing surface that is designed to resist chalk stains and can be used with regular chalk or liquid chalk markers.

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We like the rustic frame on this miniature standing chalkboard sign. The deep black slate is guaranteed not to show ghosting or staining and can be used with liquid or standard chalk.

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A bonus with this windproof standing chalkboard sign is that this pick comes with five pieces of chalk in assorted colors, three liquid chalk markers and an eraser.

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This standing chalkboard sign measures 40 inches by 20 inches and comes in four finishes: whitewash gray, rustic, white and black. It’s double-sided and is wind-resistant, as well.

Expert Commentary

These standing chalkboards are handy for many purposes — from announcements and displays to home office use, there’s no shortage of creative ways to use a chalkboard. You can also use these for photo ops to display messages from birth announcements to other special occasions. The sizes, designs and materials vary — choose the one that fits your needs, including whether you’d use it indoors or outdoors, for educational use or for decorative purposes.