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Best Spiral Notebooks

Blank notebook for writing on spirals on a pink background, flat lay, the end of motivation, business, building goals with negative industrial space and copy space

From taking class notes to writing down spelling words, a good spiral notebook is an absolute must for any school-aged child. However, finding a good spiral notebook is easier said than done. The best notebooks have high-quality paper and additional features such as storage pockets, and they are durable enough to last the entire school year. We’ve taken a look at a number of spiral notebooks, choosing as our top picks ones that have great features as well as outstanding overall quality.

These Mead spiral-bound notebooks come in six pastel colors: blue, pink, yellow, orange, purple and green. The spiral binding on the edge features a lock that helps to prevent snagging, and the notebook has three holes so it can easily be fit into a three-ring binder. Because it features college-ruled paper, there is plenty of room for taking notes. The bulk purchase option makes this an incredible value, regardless of whether you are purchasing this for yourself or for a classroom.

These Studio Oh! spiral notebooks are the perfect option for anybody looking to add a little bit of style to their school supply arsenal. However, it isn’t just the cute designs of these spiral notebooks that make them so great. Because they’re smaller than your standard-sized notebook — coming in at 5.8 inches by 8.3 inches — they are portable for note-taking on the go. Even at a smaller size, however, they still feature 160 pages to be filled with notes, doodles and more.

This TOPS/Oxford pack of six spiral notebooks provides great value, coming in at an affordable price. Each notebook contains high-quality, college-ruled paper and also features perforated sheets, clear margins marked in red and three holes so you can place it in a standard-sized binder.

These AmazonBasics spiral notebooks are a visual delight with their sunburst patterns. But that is not where the appeal ends. The college-ruled paper gives students plenty of room to take notes. Meanwhile, with 100 pages to work on in each of the six notebooks that come in this pack, students will have more than enough room to write down spelling words, practice equations and take notes. The front and back covers of these spiral notebooks are made of sturdy cardstock, allowing them to stand up to the usual wear and tear that comes with being toted from class to class.

The Cambridge Business Notebook is a spiral notebook with a durable hardcover front and back that makes it incredibly sturdy. It can hold up to plenty of wear and tear, making it the perfect option for toting everywhere you go. Students who want to copy down and practice spelling words on the go will find this to be a fantastic choice. The perforated pages are easy to remove without ripping. Meanwhile, the gold wire binding adds just a little extra bit of style to this already classy option.

Expert Commentary

“These spiral notebooks are high quality, sturdy and some have beautiful designs. The wiring and covers can withstand use over the semester or school year. I buy in bulk a variety of spiral notebooks for my children and also personal use to help keep me organized with check-lists and managing the children’s busy schedules!”

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