Best Spiral Bound Index Cards

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You’ll love that these white index cards are microperforated and that the pack’s spiral binding allows you to flip through the cards with ease.

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We find this four-pack to be useful for students of all ages, as 200 lined index cards per pack is often plenty for any class.

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Eco-focused shoppers will appreciate that these cards are made from 10% recycled fiber and 10% post-consumer fiber.

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We think these are perfect for younger children who might otherwise lose index cards if they weren’t bound. And, as is common, these cards also come with perforations.

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If you want to remove the cards, you’ll like the perforations that allow for a clean tear.

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You’ll get four unique hues: canary yellow, cherry red, meadow green and ocean blue. As is common, the front is ruled, and the back is blank. The cards are also perforated.

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You’ll like that each pack features ruled cards with blank backs and micro-perforations for a clean tear-out experience.

Expert Commentary

Spiral index cards are a must-have for any household or classroom learning environment. You can make flashcards and notes and have the peace of mind that they won’t get lost. However, in cases where you need to tear them out, some of these options include perforations so you can tear them out and use them as single cards. They are not only handy for learning in the classroom, but also for any household trying to stay organized and creative — you can use them for recipe cards, phone number and address keepers, daily to-do or reminder lists and the list goes on.