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Best Space Books

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Space has always been a fun, engaging topic for children. Having textual information that connects readers to the universe is great for parents, students and educators. Learning about space is a great way to strengthen reading skills, develop an understanding of the universe and further expand a young mind well beyond this topic. Learning about our universe can also spark a child’s interest in science, along with the aerotech and aerospace fields. We’ve selected the books below for their ability to connect young readers to the concepts of the universe and develop knowledge that will serve a lifetime.

Most Engaging

National Geographic Kids Everything Space: Blast Off for a Universe of Photos, Facts, and Fun! (Paperback)

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The book, with its awe-inspiring pictures, is designed for students ages 8 to 11. While there is text throughout, it does not overpower the book. The infographics further explain the text in a concise format and in a realistic, engaging and age-appropriate manner. This books provides a great foundation for children eager to learn more about space.

Most Academic

Space: A Visual Encyclopedia (Hardcover)

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Children ages 7 to 10 will enjoy exploring this book, which is chock-full of facts and exceptional, high-quality photos. This encyclopedia contains nine sections that take readers on a journey from simply gazing at the moon to touching down for a moon landing. The interviews and pictures make for a great storytelling experience firmly grounded in history.

Best Introduction to Space

Smart Kids: Space: For Kids Who Really Love Space! (Hardcover)

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Children will explore the various elements of the universe through the lenses of both art and factual information. The mysteries and wonders of space unfold in this 32-page book designed for children 4 to 7 years old. Author Roger Priddy is a father himself, and says his children have given him his best book ideas. This book is a great way to introduce space to young learners.

The first book in this series provides a great foundation for children interested in astronomy. The book covers myths associated with the stars and planets, debunking them with research. The illustrations are whimsical in appearance and add a sense of magic. Children will learn simple scientific facts about the stars, planets and constellations. Definitions that appear throughout the book allow young readers to develop a concrete grasp on the terminology and concepts that make up our universe. The back of the book includes a set of glow-in-the-dark stickers and an adjustable star finder that will put children’s imaginations to work. Recommended for children grades four to six.

For Imaginative Kids

The Magic School Bus Lost In The Solar System (Paperback)

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The book includes fun facts about the solar system told through the adventures of endearing Magic School Bus characters. The easy-to-understand format makes this a great book to use in the classroom or as supplemental reading material. Recommended for children ages 6 to 9.

Expert Commentary

“Books about space cover an incredibly complex subject for young and old alike. Given how hard it is to fathom the sheer size of space, images, pictures and other visual aids can be helpful tools. If your child has interest in extending their learning, you can combine these books with real-world news regarding research or real-time efforts at the international space station.”

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