Best Soap Making Kits

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This set can make 10 bars of soap. The instructions are perfectly tailored for children as they’re easy to follow and include fun, informational facts that will get children excited about the activity.

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Children can create soaps and package them up with the included gift boxes to give to family and friends. Plus, children will love being able to use their creations every day as they wash their hands.

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We like that this soap-making kit features two silicone molds, four fragrances, four color tints and a full set of instructions to walk you and your children through the soap-making process.

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This soap-making kit comes with the base ingredients to make 10 soaps, 10 bath bombs and bath salts. You’ll also get four molds, four color droplets, two fragrances, glitter and tools.

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We like that this soap-making kit produces the most soap and uses natural essential oils like lavender, blood orange and cedar to scent the soap as opposed to harsh chemical fragrances.

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This soap-making kit comes with 14 soap molds, five gift boxes and a full instruction booklet. We like that this pick even includes oatmeal so you can make soap that’s easy on sensitive skin.

Expert Commentary

These soap-making kits are so much fun and great as a family activity that provides some learning along the way. You actually get to reap the benefits of the end product by having soap to use. The molds above vary along with ingredients that are gentle for sensitive skin. Choose the one you would enjoy most.