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Best Sight-Word Games

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When children master reading, they are opening a new world of discovery and learning. Introducing reading activities at an early age through gameplay is a method that excites eager children because it’s fun and appealing. The following list of early reading games provides an excellent way to help students practice and become proficient in the skills needed to become avid readers. The more they play, the more competent they will be in reading, fluency and comprehension. These wonderful games can be presented to children as early as preschool age and continued through the early elementary levels.

Recognizing sight words quickly is one of the keys to developing early reading and comprehension skills. This bingo-style game is an excellent method of helping kids learn while they have fun. This award-winning game is recommended for children aged 4 to 7.

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Trend Enterprises Sight Words Bingo (Toy)

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Trend Enterprises offers a fun Sight Words Bingo game that allows children to learn over 40 of the most commonly used words in the English language. There are enough cards for an entire class or other large groups to play along. This word game would be a perfect addition to any language arts curriculum or a child’s game collection. It is recommended for ages 5 and up.

These flashcards are a great way to provide early reading and spelling practice, as they introduce basic sight words and simple sentences. Blank cards are also provided so adults can add words that are being studied in school. This set can be used just about anywhere that children go. The cards are also good training for how to study more difficult subjects later on. This set can be incorporated into any learning program and is recommended for children ages 6 and up.

Most Interactive

The Sight Word Swat game from Learning Resources is a fast-paced educational game that children will love. It encourages learning the skills necessary for critical thinking, word recognition and reading rhythms. Once they’ve mastered all the color-coded words printed on each swattable fly, children will be able to read up to 220 sight words. This game is recommended for one to four players ages 5 and up.

Best Travel Game

Learning Resources Pop for Sight Words Bundle (Office Product)

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Learning Resources offers another incredible early learning game for reading that encourages children to improve skills such as vocabulary-building, word recognition and hand-eye coordination. Kids can learn nearly 200 common words with this game bundle, which features a spinner and words printed on 100 popcorn cards. It is versatile and perfect for taking along while traveling. Every early-learner would benefit from having this game and it is recommended for ages 5 and up.

Expert Commentary

“Sight-word games are an incredible tool for connecting words, spelling and enunciation with the real world around you. I have seen the impact these games can have on both the confidence of a child and their performance in school. I encourage parents and caregivers to participate in these games to increase the impact.”

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Emily Lehman is a licensed teacher, nonprofit youth coordinator and mother of two young girls. Emily understands how to make learning fun and is a pro at engaging children in the classroom. She also learns constantly in her own experience raising children. When she isn’t teaching or raising her daughters, she is taking care of her horses and family farm.