Best Sidewalk Chalk

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This box contains 120 pieces of chalk in 10 colors: teal, orange, yellow, brown, green, purple, blue, red, pink and white. The pigment is bold and bright yet easily washable. With this much chalk, the whole classroom or group of neighborhood kids can have fun making outdoor artwork.

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Each piece of chalk in this bucket has a tapered design that not only allows little kids to hold the pieces easily, but prevents the chalk from rolling away. The pigment is full yet washable, and the chalk won’t make loads of dust. In this package, there are 10 colors and a total of 52 pieces.

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With this set of large chalk sticks, there is plenty of sidewalk chalk to go around. Fourteen pieces of each of the nine different colors —126 pieces total — allow for hours of fun decorating the sidewalk or playing hopscotch. The chalk is nontoxic and easy to clean off hands and clothes, making it suitable for children and appealing to adults. The box can also be reused for storage. This set is a must-have for youth organizations, schools and families.

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This chalk set has 30 different colors and includes two pieces of each color. The box has a convenient handle, making the set perfect for taking along to family reunions or on vacation. Several children can join in and make individual or collective creations that will last through the next rainstorm.

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These jumbo chalk sticks are four inches long, making them ideal for small hands. The set has seven colors to choose from: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and white. It comes in a plastic square container with a handle that makes it easy to carry around the neighborhood. The chalk is also great for drawing on different types of surfaces, including brick and asphalt.

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Crayola has been a trusted brand for creating children’s artwork for many decades and this chalk set doesn’t disappoint. The pieces even look like traditional Crayola crayons. This shape is intentional and provides the ability to create various lines and shading. This set would enhance any outdoor art project.

Expert Commentary

“Chalk is arguably one of the easiest and least costly options for your child to engage with writing, spelling, drawing and the world around them all at once. In my own experience, using chalk is an ideal way to mix learning with the outdoors. Children of all ages can enjoy creating visuals with chalk.”