Best Shuttle Pens

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Each pen includes six colors: black, blue, red, orange, green and purple. The pen body is transparent so you can see the interior and is made of solid plastic. The ink is anti-fading and offers a bold, thick color that is easy to read on any paper. This bulk-buy of pens is a perfect choice for the classroom.

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These pens feature four colors each: black, blue, red and green. These classic colors are great to have handy at all times, so having them all in one pen is ideal. These pens are thicker, making them easy for little hands to hold, and there is a squishy rubber grip that helps promote good handwriting. Also, the keychain top helps keep the pen accessible when clipped onto a backpack.

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These BIC 4 Color Fashion Ball Pens have a nice overall appearance and feature four colors of ink: pink, purple, turquoise and lime green. The ink lasts a long time even with frequent use, especially since there are four barrels of ink in each pen.

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The pens in this set of three Paper Mate InkJoy Quatro Retractable Ballpoint Pens feature 1.0mm tips, which provide a clean writing experience. Each pen has a grip so they are comfortable to hold even after repeated use. The ink glides onto the page smoothly and dries quickly without smearing, providing a nice writing experience. The pen’s fully retractable design prevents any accidental marks.

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Favourde 6-in-1 Multicolor Ballpoint Pens have a fine tip of 0.5mm, which helps produce smooth writing and clean lines. The ink dries quickly once it’s put down on the page, which helps prevent accidental smudging. The barrel of the pen is the right size for little hands, even with the six colors contained inside.

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Bedwina Retractable Shuttle Pens are cute, fun and practical. A rubberized band toward the front of the pen offers extra grip, making it easy to hold despite its smaller size. The carabiner keychain easily clips onto a backpack or lanyard to keep the pen handy wherever you go. The ink is long-lasting and helps to ensure each pen provides plenty of use.

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Tbestmax Multicolor Unicorn Shuttle Pens use performance gel ink, which offers a smooth writing experience. The 0.5mm writing tip allows for more precise and controlled writing and drawing. The darker inks are nice and bold, while the lighter colors are vivid and bright.

Expert Commentary

These fun, colorful pens are reminiscent of our childhood days; I’m so glad these are still around so my kids can also enjoy these delightful pens. Choose the colors that best suit you. There is even a gel ink option that allows for a smoother look and fancier output. The advantage of shuttle pens is you don’t have to carry around multiple pens in order to switch colors but still have all the colors at your fingertips. In this busy world, less is sometimes more.