Best Sensory Bin Toys

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These toys are fantastic for strengthening hand muscles and stimulating the feeling of touch. Strengthening hand muscles is important for eventually developing good handwriting skills. Each colorful toy has a different purpose that engages kids and allows them to explore their environment. There are four toys that can grab, scoop, drop and squeeze objects: Gator Grabber Tweezers, Handy Scoopers, Twisty Droppers and Squeezy Tweezers. These toys are recommended for kids ages 3 and older.

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Most of us remember playing with stretchy toys like rubber sticky hands when we were young. These Monkey Noodles work similarly. The five stretchy strings in this pack can be pulled, tugged, twirled and squeezed without breaking. They can even stretch up to an incredible 8 feet! In addition to being fun to stretch and pull, these Monkey Noodles come in a range of vivid colors that visually stimulate kids. This option is recommended for any child over the age of 3.

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The 25 items in this set provide virtually everything a sensory bin needs. Among the items, you can find stretchy tubes, clackers, a snap-and-click snake, mesh squeeze balls and more. Among our favorites in this kit is the liquid motion timer, which encourages focus as kids watch the colored liquid drip from the top to the bottom. While younger children might not be able to solve it yet, the magic cube is also great for encouraging the development of a child’s critical thinking as they try to match up colors. Recommended for children ages 5 and older.

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When completely folded up, these Pop Tubes are 7.5 inches long, but they expand to27 inches when pulled out to their full length. They can be bent and shaped in many different ways. Kids will love playing with these tubes, pulling and twisting them into new forms and listening for the popping sound when stretched. The sound helps to keep kids entertained but should be considered when using these in a classroom. This option is recommended for children ages 3 and up.

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Appropriately named Bristle Blocks, these blocks are covered in soft interlocking bristles. Kids will love touching the rubbery, pointed surfaces of these blocks, then using them to build. Kids can easily put the blocks together in a number of different ways, which promotes early critical thinking and fine motor skills, as well as a basic understanding of construction. With 54 pieces in this set, including three jungle creatures, there is enough to fill an entire sensory bin. Recommended for children ages 2 and up.

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Playing with balls is a basic but beneficial form of childhood play. Balls, especially those with textured surfaces, are easy for little ones to hold and can help with the development of fine motor skills. Each ball in this set comes in a different color, which can help kids learn color recognition as they play. The balls are made with safe BPA-free plastics and are large enough that they won’t fit in little mouths. Recommended for children ages 6 months old and up.

Expert Commentary

“These toys are perfect if you have a fidgety child or child who gets bored easily. You bet you can find these toys in our minivan, and they are even fun for adults! Get your kids engaged and let them concentrate on fun tasks. I love the sets that have different shapes and activities so that kids won’t get bored.”