Best Scratch Pad

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The paper is bright white, making any color ink or pencil easily visible. There is a strong chipboard backing and a gum top to bind the pages together yet they are still easy to remove. With over 10 size options available, there is sure to be an ideal scratch pad size for your classroom’s needs.

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These pads are perfect to distribute throughout the classroom as scratch paper during tests or for note-taking needs. The pages pull away from the top easily, so many students can use the same pad. The paper is smooth and any type of ink or pencil shows up nicely on the pages.

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Mintra Office Memo Pads have a nice 15-pound weight and smooth surface for writing in ink, pencil or other materials easily. The size of the pads makes them easy to pack away in a backpack or purse for note-taking on the go. Individual sheets pull away from the pad easily without tearing.

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Next Day Labels Memo Pads have a strong cardboard backing that makes them a sturdy choice and easy to write on when you’re on the go. The pads have a nice, bright white paper that is good for pens, pencils and markers of all kinds. The pages are easy to remove and both sides can be written on, offering even more space for note-taking.

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Perfect Impressions Note Pads offer thick paper that can be used with dark inks or markers with no bleeding, even after writing on both sides. The cardboard backing is nice and sturdy and the pages are glued to the backing at the top, making them easy to remove without tearing.

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TOPS Memo Pads are made of paper with a smooth feel that takes ink well. Ballpoint, rollerball and gel inks all write on this paper effortlessly. Perfectly sized to fit a standard-size memo pad holder, these memo pads also easily fit into a purse or a backpack for note-taking on the go.

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FMP Brands White Memo Pads have a tearable seam at the top that makes it easy to pull off pages as needed. The cardboard backing provides a sturdy platform to work on and prevents pages from tearing off. The paper is a good weight for everyday use — not too thick and not too thin.

Expert Commentary

Have you ever tried to memorize something because you couldn’t write it down? Or have you been on the phone with someone, simultaneously trying to take notes? Having a scratch pad nearby in the classroom, at home, in your backpack or purse and in your car is a best practice to ensure you don’t miss any of life’s moments where you need to record a quick memo. These options are high quality, compact and perfect for any setting at home, school, work or elsewhere. Choose the design and size that best suits you.