Best Scientific Calculator

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This calculator from Texas Instruments is approved for use on the SAT, ACT and AP exams. Students will also like being able to toggle between fraction and decimal view. Scroll through previous calculations and discover critical patterns, too.

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There’s a multi-replay feature that allows you to work backward through your calculations step-by-step to perform edits or recalculate answers. It’s great for basic algebra and even engineering. This solar-powered device also includes a highly visible display screen that shows calculations exactly as they appear in textbooks.

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The Sharp calculator is battery-powered and can be used in general science, algebra, trigonometry and statistics courses. It has a one-line view and can operate in different base systems. This model comes with a hardcover case.

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This calculator can be used to work out one- and two-variable statistical calculations and can handle three angle modes (degrees, radians and grads). It works for scientific and engineering notation modes as well.

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This calculator, with a two-line display, is approved for use on the ACT, PSAT, SAT and various AP exams. It also comes with 100 built-in functions and constants that make it ideal for school or the office. Choose between RPN or algebraic entry-system logic.

Expert Commentary

Once your child enters middle school, they’ll need to have a scientific calculator to help them get to the next level of math. The calculators above are durable, light and compact — all reliable choices. I grew up using Texas Instruments, so I am most familiar with their calculators, but the other options are also high-quality. These calculators will come in handy not just for school use but also beyond when you are doing taxes, budgets and more.