Best Science Kits for Kids

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Children 8 and up will be able to explore relationships between familiar household items that create amazing reactions. This kit has over 26 experiments, allowing kids to set off milk explosions, make salt and pepper electricity and launch citrus rockets. Experiments help introduce and explain scientific concepts such as the pH scale, electricity, DNA and diffusion. This kit is a great way to supplement classroom activities. It’s also perfect for familiarizing students with scientific ideas and practices so they are prepared for higher-level science classes.

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Children will be entertained for hours by the various experiments in this kit. In fact, they will have so much fun, they’ll forget they’re actually learning about the vast variety of concepts and phenomena that can be explained by scientific theories and practices. There is an easy-to-follow instruction manual with images, as well as a DVD guide, to help ensure each experiment is successful. The included journal is a smart way for students to record their findings so they can reinforce their learning, too. This kit is recommended for kids ages 5 and up and prepares students well for elementary science class.

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This science kit allows children to learn the names and functions of 24 different science tools. From funnels to pipettes, children will become comfortable using the various items as they conduct 10 different experiments. The instructions are clear and include pictures, allowing little ones to set out on their scientific journey with the help of an adult. Made for kids ages 3 to 6, the kit features multiple levels of experiments, enabling users to understand basic concepts — such as how various ingredients or materials work — before moving on to the next level.

The set is big enough to ensure multiple kids can conduct experiments together and have a fun, mutual learning experience. Kids will delight in the enjoyment that comes with creating something new and will be fascinated as each experiment is put into motion.

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Created by a team of Harvard graduates, scientists and educators, this colorful, cleverly packaged kit passed a series of tests before it was released to the public. The lab allows children to learn about acids and bases, surface tension, bubbles and even volcanoes. Because it’s a STEM kit, it’s also ideal for use in educational settings. Many of the necessary supplies are included, while other ingredients required to complete the experiments are easily found in most households. Kids will learn how to measure different ingredients and prepare their experiments.

Parents can rest easy knowing everything is safe to use. Not only can children interact with the tools and materials, but they may even be encouraged to begin watching more episodes of “The Magic School Bus,” where they can learn even more about science. This kit is ideal for kids ages 5 and up.

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The Scientific Explorer My First Mind Blowing Science Kit comes complete with various chemicals, from citric acid to cabbage powder. The experiments are creative and interactive. Children will be entertained while creating a color-changing volcano, magical crystals and even a sunset in a test tube. The variety of experiments included in the kit accommodates various ages and capabilities. There are enough ingredients included for plenty of use, so kids can repeat their favorite experiments over and over again. The instructions are easy to understand and can help children build their focus, follow instructions and develop patience while working towards the results of each experiment. This set is recommended for kids ages 6 and up with adult supervision.

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With 22 pieces included in this set, the Learning Resources Primary Science Lab Activity kit offers an ideal introduction to science. It provides everything kids need to get started, including real goggles to keep little eyes safe and colorful tools. Kids will enjoy pouring water into the various containers and picking up objects with the tweezers. The required steps can help strengthen fine motor skills while also improving children’s hand-eye coordination. Convenient instruction cards show everything needed to complete each project, along with the required steps.

As a bonus, the cards are laminated, making them extra durable and keeping them safe even when spills occur. Children can perform these experiments multiple times without losing interest. The pieces are made with plastic and are sturdy enough to be used long-term. This set is recommended for children ages 4 to 7 years old.

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Toddlers will enjoy using their first microscope, getting the chance to study various materials and objects up close. From snails to tissue paper, kids get a close look at items they come in contact with each day and enjoy finding new objects to study. It’s an excellent introductory product for teaching the basics of science and sparking curiosity. The sturdy parts keep the microscope intact even when used many times by little hands. It can also be left outside and continue to operate well, whether it gets rained on or splashed with a bit of mud. Its lightweight design makes it easy to lift and carry, even for kids.

The simplicity of the microscope’s design makes it easy for small children to use even without adult assistance, helping to boost their confidence. It’s made for kids ages 3 and up.

Expert Commentary

“For many children, a science kit is their first chance to take learning into their own hands in a physically interactive way. Many scientists trace the roots of their passion back to experiments as a child with science kits. Take the time to help your student or child learn the basics, and then give some autonomy to foster creativity and growth.”