Best Science Activity Books and Kits

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Children can learn how to build their own machines that toss paper in the trash, deliver a message or even amuse a household pet. A team of experts worked closely with 11-year-olds to develop the various machines and ensure they’re fun to use. Children will learn the elementary physics of motion, weight, angle and momentum while being challenged with assembling functional chain reactions. This kit is recommended for children ages 8 and up. It comes with 33 Lego pieces, instructions for 10 modules, six plastic balls, string, paper ramps and more.

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This science book offers step-by-step instructions for 28 activities, ranked by difficulty as easy, medium or hard. These activities require only household materials and allow children to build exploding volcanoes, race balloon rocket cars, create sticky slime and make lemon batteries. Facts and pictures are included to explain the “how” and “why” of the experiments with real-world examples. Hands-on projects keep children busy for hours and will give them a boost of confidence each time an experiment is successful.

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“101 Great Science Experiments” includes projects of varying difficulty that children can do themselves or with adults. Young scientists will appreciate the colorful graphics and easy-to-follow instructions for each procedure. There are many different experiment categories to choose from, some of which require spending time in nature or playing with water. This gives kids plenty of hands-on experience while encouraging them to interact with the elements. This book is also useful for teachers who are looking for science experiments to try with their students.

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“Genius Lego Inventions” gives kids step-by-step instructions for building dozens of projects, from pinball machines to robots and wind-up catapults, with Legos they already have at home.. The author, Sarah Dees, has a background in education and is knowledgeable about hands-on STEM learning. Children will learn how to follow directions and make modifications during the building process, and the book may even inspire kids to create some Lego inventions of their own. This book is best for children ages 8 to 12.

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This book has colorful graphics and clear instructions. All of the experiments are well-planned and clearly explained, so no prior science education or special equipment is required. Some of the experiments take time to complete, which can teach children patience and persistence. Kids will definitely stay occupied while they learn about chemistry, biology, engineering and technology. The book also includes games, puzzles and jokes for added entertainment.

Expert Commentary

“Making science an activity is vital to growing and developing the next generation of scientists. These science-focused activity books and kits are a new way to engage with science outside of the classroom. Keep in mind: with some of these activity books you may have physical products that soon require storage and management.”