Best Rulers

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These rulers are made of strong stainless steel and provide measurements in inches and centimeters. On the back of each ruler is a conversion chart from inches to millimeters, which can be helpful in math and science classes. The variety in sizes makes this a great pack for a wide range of classroom activities.

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This two-pack of clear rulers is great for helping students build their confidence in using measuring tools. Because they can see through the rulers, kids will be sure to line them up correctly with whatever they’re drawing or measuring. You can choose from orange, green, pink and clear rulers, and the measurement markings are clear and precise. The rulers measure in inches and centimeters, and the plastic won’t snap or break.

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The Arteza Triangular Architect ruler may seem a bit advanced for use by students, but it can provide many opportunities for learning. With six different scales of measurement, children can learn about different measurement systems as well as their relation to one another. The three sides are color-coded, which makes it even easier for kids to select the scale they need.

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The eBoot stainless steel ruler set makes for a great addition to any child’s toolkit, providing a sturdy pair of rulers that can withstand plenty of use. The rulers feature clear and easy-to-read measurements in both imperial and metric units, with conversion tables on the back.

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The BAZIC Jeweltones Ruler set is a great option for kids. The four-pack of rulers — which offer both metric and imperial measurements — comes in vivid colors of blue, green, orange and pink. Each ruler features holes that allow it to be easily stored in any standard three-ring binder.

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The Gimars stainless steel metal ruler set is truly multipurpose. The set includes two 12-inch rulers and one 6-inch ruler. By laying all of the rulers out end to end, it is possible to measure lengths of up to 30 inches. The rulers themselves are nicely weighted, ensuring that they do not easily slip. Additionally, the included conversion charts on the backs of the rulers are great for helping to teach the difference between imperial and metric systems.

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Those seeking a basic option for introducing children to rulers and measurements cannot go wrong with the Westcott Wood 12-inch ruler. This wood ruler has a smooth finish that prevents splinters, chipping and breaking. The imperial scale is clearly marked to one side and is easy for children to read and understand.

Expert Commentary

“There is a ruler for everyone in this selection. You can choose from wooden to metal to plastic. Depending on your project and use, there is a time and place for each of these rulers, especially if you have children learning to draw or understand geometry.”



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