Best Rubber Bands

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No matter what the purpose, this 1.5-ounce pack of tan rubber bands will have the perfect size.

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These basic rubber bands can stretch to 700% of their standard size and only vary 30% in size after being stretched. They are strong, durable and simple.

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We like that these rubber bands are the classic beige hue, making them perfect for any setting, whether it’s the home or classroom.

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This half-pound bag of rubber bands is perfect for a range of locations, including keeping your home or classroom well stocked. These bands are made from natural rubber and are reusable.

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With this set of rubber bands, you’ll get six pieces each of five different hues: purple, blue, red, green and yellow. These are perfect for stocking your crafting corner for art class.

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Each of these rubber bands measures 1/8-inch wide by 2-and-3/4-inches long. We like that they can be used for a wide range of purposes for personal and professional needs.

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With this rubber band set, you’ll like that you also get the larger rubber bands that are necessary for more heavy-duty binding.

Expert Commentary

Rubber bands are handy items needed in every household or classroom, especially ones that want to stay organized! Choose the thickness and variety that suits your needs. Thicker bands are stronger and more suitable for more heavy-duty work such as tie-dyeing t-shirts or binding together larger, heavier items.