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Best Robotics Kits for 8-Year-Olds

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Robotics can teach children how to communicate across various technology platforms. By working with their hands, kids can boost their cognitive skills and gain experience solving problems. Here are a few of the best robotics kits for 8-year-olds — chosen for their impressive designs and quality parts.

This kit introduces budding engineers to coding, mechanics and technology. Kids will spend hours of fun using their critical-thinking skills to build five different robotic models. Kids can enjoy building a robot, guitar, auto builder, bulldozer and cat, and a tablet or mobile phone is required to put the models into motion. The kit offers real coding experience with plenty of fun and versatility. Despite how educational the kit is, it’s still simple enough for most children to use without too much assistance from an adult.

Fun Challenges

Smart Circuits (Accessory)

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This electronics kit includes 48 pieces to ensure kids have a variety of gadgets they can build. Children can enjoy learning skills used in robotics like how to wire the parts together, giving them an opportunity to build circuits with real wires, which hook up to components like buttons, speakers, LED lights and a microprocessor. The wires are easy for small hands to manipulate, and the step-by-step instructions are also easy to understand. With instructions for 50 circuit builds included, the kit allows kids to tackle various challenges without becoming bored or having to do the same build again. It holds up well with frequent use, andthe parts snap together easily. Children can learn what it takes to build a doorbell for their bedroom, create a motion-sensing alarm and more.

The Snap Circuits Jr. Electronics Exploration Kit is a STEM kit that provides all the tools required for kids to get started experimenting with electrical engineering. The circuits are clearly labeled with symbols and color-coded to help kids easily identify each part. The plastic base is high-quality and durable to ensure it can support the different parts being added. The included instruction manual is more extensive than those of similar kits on the market, and allows children to view an outline of what’s occurring in the circuits. Due to the variety of builds included, kids can progress in their engineering abilities over time and use each activity to supplement what they learn in school.

Children can learn what’s required to make a car mobile as they construct their vehicle, which has a pull-back toy motor. The sturdy Legos snap into place easily and don’t require a lot of force or effort to pull apart. Kids can learn how to be inventive and creative with additional modifications made to the product to ensure it’s one-of-a-kind. The opportunity to play with the car once it’s finished works as a reward for children and encourages them to continue building.

This Pica Toys Stem Kit provides the materials and instructions needed for children to build a remote control car. The car can be powered via battery or solar panels, and kids can paint or color the car’s wooden frame if they wish. This toy offers kids a STEM learning experience plus continued fun as they get to enjoy the car after it’s built.

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“It’s time for your kids to step into the next levels of challenging but rewarding activities. These toys teach your kids about the basics of robotics, electricity and more. Your child will be yearning for more — or at least paying attention more closely to science lessons.”

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